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Sweetest Mother of Jesus, be a Mother to me always. Make me holy, poor in spirit, obedient, humble, silent, and ardent in my love of
Jesus. Come to help me when  am failing and the path to Heaven proves rugged and difficult.

Mary, obtain for me from Jesus solid, practical devotion to His Sacred Heart, and deep, intimate knowledge of Its burning love. Let my life resemble that of thy Divine Son in its poverty and abandonment. If at any time my love should grow less generous and my heat shrink from the suffering which life brings to me, then, dearest Mother, sweet comforter of the afflicted, come to give me courage and confidence. Throw over me the loving mantle of thy protection, that sin may never make my soul displeasing to God.

In the amendment for all the sins I have committed whilst yet in thy service, I offer thee, tender Mother, the most glorious and adorable Heart of Jesus, with all the devoted love He showed thee on earth and doth show thee eternally in Heaven. Amen.


Mary, my dear Mother, how much I love thee, and yet in reality how little! Thou doth teach me what I ought to know, for thou doth teach me what Jesus is to me and what I ought to be for Jesus.

Dearly beloved Mother, how close to God thou art, and how completely filled with Him! In the measure that we know God, we are reminded of thee. Mother of God, obtain for me the grace of loving my Jesus; obtain for me the grace of loving thee. [The Raccolta]
Most holy and immaculate Virgin, my Mother! Thou art the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the world, the advocate, hope, and refuge of sinners! I, the most miserable among them, come to thee today. I venerate thee, great Queen, and thank thee for the many graces thou hast bestowed on me until now. I thank thee especially for having saved me so many times from Hell, which I have deserved. I love thee, most lovable Lady. By the love which I have for thee, I promise to serve thee always and to do as much as I can to make thee loved by others also. I put all my hope of salvation in thee. Mother of mercy, receive me as thy servant and cover me with the mantle of thy protection. Since thou art so powerful with God, free me from all temptations, or at least obtain for me the grace to overcome them until death.

I ask of thee a true love for Jesus Christ. Through thee I hope to die a good death. My Mother, by the love thou hast for God, I beg thee to help me always, and most of all at the last moment of my life. Do not leave me until thou seest me safe in Heaven. It is my hope to thank and praise thee there forever. Amen. [St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Raccolta]

Most excellent, most glorious, most holy and ever immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of the whole world and Mistress of every creature, thou forsakest no one, thou rejecteth no one, thou doth send no one away who comes to thee with a pure and humble heart. Do not reject me for my countless grievous sins. Do not forsake me on account of my great sinfulness, or my hardness and uncleanness of heart. Graciously hear me, a miserable sinner, trusting in thy tender mercy.

Come to my aid, most loving Virgin Mary, in all my trials and needs. Obtain for me of thy dear Son, Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the forgiveness and pardon of all my sins and the grace of fear of God and love of thee. Grant health and purity of body and deliverance from all evils and dangers which threaten my soul and body.

In my last moments graciously help me, and deliver my soul and the souls of my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and benefactors, and of all faithful Christians, both living and departed, from eternal darkness and from all evil, by the grace of Him Whom thou didst carry in thy sacred womb for nine long months, and laid in the manger with thine own pure hands, Our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son Who is praised forever. Amen. [The Raccolta]


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