La Virgen Blanca of Toleda, Spain

In the great Cathedral of Toledo, Spain there is a 12th century alabaster statue which is revered by the people. The Madonna and Child work of art is beloved for its sweetness and intimacy. The statue is at the entrance to the Choir. Officially, it is titled "Virgin of Prima" for its marble. but affectionately it is called La Virgen Blnac or "The White Virgin" because of its predominant color. It's origin is French.

Throughout Spain, especially in the Basque region, in the Cathedral of San Miguel there is another version. There are festivals associated with the statues and a number of tourist guides list La irgen Blanca as a point of interest. Back in the 12th century the Catholic people were not ashamed to have a tender devotion to Our Lady, the Mother of God and our Mother. They turned to her with the confidence of loved children for they knew she would deliver them from evil.

Looking at this exquisite work of man in honor of the Mother of God one cannot but help but again become a little child looking up at his Mother with much much love.

Prayer to the Virgin

Mother of God and our Mother, Virgin heart most amiable, delight of the adorable Trinity, and worthy of all the veneration and tenderness of Angels and of men! Heart most like the Heart of Jesus, whose perfect image thou art! Heart full of goodness, ever compassionate toward our miseries, deign to warm our cold hearts and mold them to the likeness of the Heart of Jesus. Infuse into them love of thy virtues, and inflame them with the blessed fire with which thou ever burnest.

In thee let the Holy Church find safe shelter; be its guardian and its ever sweet refuge, its tower of strength, impregnable against the attacks of its enemies. Be the road leading to Jesus; be the channel whereby we receive all graces needful for our salvation. Be our helper in need, our comfort in trouble, our strength in temptation, our refuge in persecution and our aid in danger.

But especially in the last struggle of our life, at the moment of our death, when all Hell shall be unchained against us to snatch away our souls; in that dread moment, that hour so terrible, on which depends our eternity------then, most tender Virgin, make us feel how great is the sweetness of thy motherly heart and how great is thy power withthy Son, Jesus. Open to us in the very fount of mercy itself a safe refuge, so that one day we, too, may join with thee in Heaven in praising Him forever. Amen.

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