Our Lady, Star of the Sea

The miraculous statue of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, a carved wooden figure is a work of magnificent beauty.  The statue is held in great reverence, especially in the Netherlands.

 In Maastricht in the Netherlands, the first chapel on that side of the Alps was dedicated to her.  Later this chapel became a place for pilgrims.  It was situated on the banks of the river.  An old statue had been venerated there but had been replaced. The Guild of Tanners  donated the new statue and soon it was honored as much as the old one, especially by seamen.  The new statue was made about the year 1420-1430 in Bohemia.  The name 'Star of the Sea' was added around the year 1700, after lives were miraculously saved during a shipwreck.  The original name was Our Lady of Maastricht.

Today, the Star of the Sea of Maastricht is well known.  Tens of thousands of her pictures, with the heavenly smile, hang on the walls of houses, convents, schools, barracks, ships and hospitals.  Her chapel in Maastricht is never without people praying.

The Fraternity of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, an association which has existed for many centuries, attends to the statue and to its veneration.  August 15 is the main feast for the Star of the Sea in the city of Maastricht and the surroundings.

The former Mayor of Maastricht, Baron Michiels van Kessenich, stated: "Those who know the sorrow of a family without a mother, know also how rich we are to have Mother Mary in our church."

Prayer to Our Lady Star of the Sea

O, Mary, Star of the Sea,
look upon me as I kneel before your throne of grace,
where so many lovers of your motherly heart
have already received the greatest favors.
Here you obtain consolation for the sad,
help for the poor, health for the sick
and forgiveness for sinners.
O, dearest mother, now I come to you
with the greatest confidence.
The many miracles which have happened
through your intercession, fill me, a poor sinner,
with great hope, that you dear Mother of Mercy,
will also hear my prayer.

I beg and implore you, kindest mother,
sweet Star of the Sea,
do not let me go away from here without being heard.
You can help me, for you are the mightiest after God.
You are willing to help me,
because you are full of love for all your children.

Remember, most merciful mother,
that never was it heard, that anyone who fled
to your protection with confidence
was left unaided by you.
Will I then be the first unhappy person
that will not be heard by you? No, no, good mother!
In this holy place, through your mighty intercession
obtain for me, help in my distress
and consolations in my sufferings.  Amen.