The Madonna of the Snows

This image is in the Church of St. Francis, Rome; In the center right the artist has depicted the Miracle of the Snow with the Pontiff: the figure in front. Our Lady is pointing to the Miracle.

The figures before the Madonna and Child are the Apostle, St. Matthias [who replaced Juadas], for certain because he carries the battle-ax which is his symbol; and St. Charles Borromeo-----I think-----because of the likeness of the profile to actual known images of the Saint. Our manifest does not provide these figures' identity. St. Charles was a central, towering figure of the Counter-Reformation period, and the artist primarily executed his pieces as a Counter-Reformation work.

This painting is one of the most beautiful Madonnas and we give thanks to God that He is so generous in providing us with a copy. For this benefice from Him we are indebted to the Sisters of the St. Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, who passed it along to me many years ago.