The Brown Scapular of Our Lady:
Its Origin and Promise


    If this could be said at Lourdes, where the only reference to Mount Carmel was that Our Lady chose this day for Her final and most glorious appearance, how much more it applies to the mountain of Fatima . . . where Our Lady actually showed Herself the final time as Our Lady of Mount Carmel, holding the Scapular down to the world after having performed what Father Pio Sciatizzi, S.J. called "the greatest, most colossal miracle in history?"

  From Fatima it is clear that this title of Our Lady has a most special meaning to each of us, especially NOW.

    Perhaps, even so, few will use the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in prayer. Some will find the title awesome, like the very miracle of fire on Mount Carmel followed by the slaughter of pagan "priests." Some will be comfortable in praying: "Dear Lady of Mount Carmel . . . Dear Lady conceived Immaculate, coming in power to deliver mankind from Satan's worship! Dear Lady, promising a miracle "so that all may believe!" . . . Dear Lady to whom "God [as Jacinta said] has entrusted the peace of the world!" Dear Lady, hope of the world on the verge of merited Divine chastisement! Dear Lady of Mount Carmel!"

A most beautiful prayer to her was the one used by St. Simon Stock on July 16, 1251, when She answered his prayer by coming in glory, surrounded by clouds of Angels, and designated the humblest part of the Carmel habit . . . its a service uniform: "Whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire."

   The prayer of the Saint on that occasion about the Flower of Carmel (and of Heaven) has been called the most beautiful prayer: to Our Lady (especially in the original Latin) after the Hail Mary. To pray this  beautiful oration, visit HERE.  

"This most extraordinary gift of the Scapular-----from the Mother of God to Saint Simon Stock-----brings its great usefulness not only to the Carmelite Family of Mary but also to all the rest of the faithful who wish, affiliated to that Family, to follow Mary with a very special devotion." [La Vie de St. Simon Stock by Alfred Monbrun, 1888, Preface written by Pius IX.] --------PlUS IX


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