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Is Montichiari a Continuation of Fatima?

When she appeared in the Cathedral of Montichiari on December 7, 1947, Our Lady wore a white cloak which was raised on the right by a boy, on the left by a girl. Pierina Gilli asked who these children were. Our Lady answered, "Jacinta and Francesco. They will assist you in all your sufferings and tests. They, too, suffered when they were even
younger than you. This is what I want from you-----simplicity, the goodness of these two children."

Then Mary said quite distinctly, "In Fatima, I sought devotion to my Heart and consecration to it, but here in Montichiari I wish to be honored as the 'Rosa Mystica'-----especially in religious houses and institutes . . . this combined with the devotion to my Heart, so that those dedicated to God may acquire richer graces through my motherly Heart." What continuity these words reveal with Fatima . . .

On December 8, 1947, Our Lady appeared in the crowded Cathedral, descending majestically upon a great white staircase which was decorated on right and left with white, red and golden-yellow roses. Her Heart appeared gloriously radiant upon her breast-like the Heart at Fatima, but not, as there, wound round with thorns, but adorned with a white, a red and a golden-yellow rose. She said, "Look at this Heart which loves men so much, and which is showered with insults by most.  . . . For all my children who heed my words and take them to heart, I have prepared overwhelming graces."

4. What is the meaning of the three roses with which the Madonna appeared each time in Montichiari? On December 8, 1947, these strikingly adorned her radiant Heart. In all the other appearances, especially in Fontanelle and later, they adorned the mantle over her breast.

As already spoken of, the white rose means the spirit of prayer. The red rose means the spirit of expiation and sacrifice. The yellow or golden rose means the spirit of penitence.
On another level we could also say:

The White Rose almost certainly means: Mary is the purest daughter of the Father; she is the "Immaculata," the Seat of Wisdom.

 The Red Rose: Mary is the Mother of the Son of God, the "Mater Dolorosa," and Mother of Mercy.

The Golden-yellow Rose: Mary is the Bride of the Holy Spirit, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of the Church.

In her Immaculate Heart, as in a splendid chalice of crystal, Mary picks up the streams of light, grace and love from the Most HolyTlinity. She reflects them with immeasurable motherly love upon all her children. She acts as God's treasurer and the Mediatrix of Grace. She, as the "Rosa Mystica," wishes most specially to shower an abundance of grace upon those dedicated to God.

In these three roses, there is a profound, marvelous, even fascinating and breathtaking symbolism. These three roses symbolize three great spheres of God's power:

1. The white rose is a sign of God's wisdom, of light, of pulity, of integrity, order, creativity, of harmony, etc.
2. The red rose symbolizes the Love of God, His justice, His mercy, His kingly power as Judge. It represents God's Divine energy, the mystery in His nature, the sword, the Cross, the redemption, the Blood of Christ, etc.
3. The golden rose symbolizes the holiness of God, His majesty, omnipotence and royal dignity; additionally it represents the Queen of Heaven and earth, the Bride of the Holy Spirit, and the mighty range of God's power.
Mary brings to perfect flowering this stream of grace. She does the utmost that a creature of God can. She hands on this grace to all her children with limitless love, as the Bride of the Holy Spirit. Under all her titles in the Litany of Loreto, she mediates God's grace. The Eastern Church gives Mary titles like this: Thou Purple Throne, Thou, Who Broughtest the Sun to Birth for Us, Lady of the Refreshing Spring, Most Precious Pearl of the Kingdom of God, Living Altar of the Bread, Living Monstrance of the Most High God, etc.

The title "Rosa Mystica" and the revelation of Mary's splendidly radiant Immaculate Heart at Montichiari on December 8, 1947, sums up her character as the Crystallization of all the Graces which she receives from the Triune God.

In the priests and religious, for whom she specially intends these graces should flourish and become particularly fruitful. In the popular piety of all times this has always been appreciated. It has been expressed in splendid Marian prayers and hymns such as:

"Blooms in God's paradise, to Angels quite unknown, the fairest rose of Palestine in hue and fragrance sweet";
Outshining the sun, its rays break through the clouds in truly wondrous wise"; or

The fairest rose in all the world, the joy of every heart, art thou O Mary chaste, by God almighty blest.
Thou art the Father's daughter, true mother of His Son, the Spirit's holy bride."

Satan, too, Has Acquired Three Roses

1. Satan's white rose: it expresses a godless science, atheism, rationalism, liberalism, modernism, humanism, anarchism and all the rest of these godless "isms."

A form of freemasonry arose in Germany, whose members called themselves the "Rosenkreuzer"-----a high degree among the freemasons. Freemasons wear a white rose on special festivals. In the Church itself, this is, above all, the modernism of the "Death of God" theology. Modernists deny the Divinity of Christ, the miracles, the immortality of the soul, the Holy Trinity, the existence of Angels, and the existence of devils. They reject Hell, Purgatory, Papal Infallibility, and the authority of the Church and of parents. They deny everything supernatural. This amounts to the death of religion.

In his "Motu Proprio" of September 28, 1888, Pope Leo XIII wrote: "Satan wanders afresh on the earth.  . . . He takes the form of an angel of light.  . . . The evil serpent pours out the poison of his wickedness, like a polluted river over a deluded and depraved humanity-----the spirit of lies, godlessness and blasphemy, the pestilential breath of unchastity and every shameful vice.  . . . "

I recommend you to read the informative book of Bishop Rudolf Graber, ATHANASIUS AND THE CHURCH OF OUR TIMES.

2. Satan's red rose: this is the symbol of the league of all God's enemies, especially the enemies of Christ, His Cross, His Precious Blood; it is the symbol of riot, of revolution, of the fist raised against Heaven in defiance, bloody power, inhumanity, cruelty, Marxism, Communism, dictatorship. Within the Church, those who put exaggerated emphasis upon our common humanity and brotherliness, who despise the Cross, prayer, and sacrifice are among these. There is the frightful increase in acts of sacrilege, scorn and derision, poured upon fundamental beliefs. the commandments of God and the Church Sacraments and sacramentals, and pious Christian practices (the honoring of Mary, Angels, Saints, the Rosary, and the Way of the Cross).

3. Satan's golden rose: the expression for this is self-deification, "being as gods," the love of mammon, for the power money gives, materialism, the worship of the golden calf, fashion trends, unrestrained pleasure, alcoholism, pornography, perversions, superstition, magic, spiritism, Sodom and Gomorrah, demonism, animality, and sinking below the animal in behavior.

Year by year these diabolical "trends" become ever more visible. It is well to remember that they are currents that carry the masses with them. "Only dead fish swim with the current."

One is shocked when one reads that a so-called Church of Satan already exists. It was founded in San Francisco in 1966, by Anton LaVey, the "Black Pope," and is officially registered in the United States as a religious corporation. It is, therefore, not a secret society. It is spreadmg throughout the world. There is already a Satanic Bible. In the satanic weddings and the "Black Masses," the altar is a naked woman. Those who apply for membership of this satanic church have to make themselves over to the Devil, by writing in their own blood. The main object is a blazing hatred for God, for the churches, and for all believers. The object of Satan is that his religton shall become the universal religion.

As at the beginning of creation, Satan and his faction appear again today with their proclamation, "Let us climb up to Heaven!" Once again God will give His answer, "You shall be cast into the depths of Hell." For this reason the Lord clearly sent the great adversary, the treader underfoot of the serpent, Mary, and with her, the holy Angels.

At Fatima Mary promised, "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." When she appeared in Montichiari with the three roses over her motherly Heart, she said, "I come with an power and wisdom, with the fruit of redemption, with pity, with the love and the riches of the triune God." What weapons of defense and offense does she offer? The first and most important, the most effective and victorious weapon is the recitation of the Holy Rosary! She made this request repeatedly. Why then? The Rosary is a digest of Holy Scripture, a meditation on the Bible, a summary of Christian doctrine (Archbishop Dr. Schaufele), a tremendous source of faith, hope and love, a channel of abundant grace, and a  golden treasury of eternal life.

The Heavenly Roses Versus the Satanic

The white roses of the joyful mysteries, the red roses of the sorrowful mysteries, and the golden roses of the glorious mysteries of the Rosary will help to overcome the false roses of Satan and unmask them as mere deceptions. Today Satan and his helpers have made their way into the very temple of God, to strike the shepherds and disperse the sheep. It concerns the heart and marrow of the Church. It is a matter of "to be or not to be!" Therefore the Lord has sent, in His Divine Mercy, His Own Mother, as "Rosa Mystica. Here "Rosa Mystica" does not imply only "Full of Grace" but also, and especially, "Crusher of the Serpent."

Victor in All God's Battles

As so often in the history of the Church, the genuine inner renewal must start at the head and then reach the members. First then is the renewal of priests and religious; i.e., the shepherds. The scattered flock of Christ will then collect around them spontaneously.

On July 22, 1973, Our Lady promised, "If people pay heed to this invitation (prayer, penance, atonement), this will be the most evident miracle: (first in the Church itself) the return of the children of the true faith, to the true love of

When the Catholic Church has renewed itself in its offices as teacher, pastor, and dispenser of Divine grace, (i.e., when the faith becomes again alive and united,) when the commandments of God and the authority of the Church are again fully and joyfully accepted; when, above all, the seven Sacraments of Holy Church, (among them especially the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar and sacramental Confession) gleam with a new radiance; when all the sacramentals and other pious means to salvation are made use of-----this will be the most apparent miracle worked by God through Mary.

Catholic churches and chapels must, before all else, become houses of God and not mere showplaces. Our Eucharistic Lord and Saviour must again become the dominating center of our churches. When the priests themselves relegate our Eucharistic God to a side altar or chapel, they make Him subsidiary in the church. They make themselves the main thing; decidedly they put themselves in the place which belongs to the throne of the Most High. This cannot be pleasing to God and His Mother.

The main thing in the church is the Lord, not a human being. It is probably here that lies the deepest cause for the
frightening devaluation of the priesthood and sacred vows. It is obvious that this is what the reverse side of the medal referred to (which the "Rosa Mystica" showed to the visionary on May 19, 1970-----a round and domed church with three great wide and inviting doors, which had the inscription, "Mary, Mother of the Church"). If the Church is renewed first in her head and then in her members, she will gleam again as the glorious Bride of Christ. She will become anew to her own children clarity, security, stability, a home of refuge, and a mother. From this genuinely renewed Church, a bright and mighty stream of power and attraction will go out to other Churches and seekers of God. This will be followed by reunion in faith and then peace for the whole world.

Montichiari does in truth appear to be a continuation of Fatima, a lighthouse in the storm of our time: "In the end my unsullied Heart will triumph and there will be peace."

A significant prayer of the Pope which throws light on the Church's plight, but anticipates Mary's help with hope:

"O Mary, beautiful as the moon, shining brightly as the sun, into whose countenance the blessed look, and in which the Angels see themselves, grant that we, thy children, become like thee. Let our souls pick up a ray of thy beauty which never fades, but gleams ever new forever.

"O Mary, Sun of Heaven, reawaken life where it has been extinguished, enlighten the mind where darkness reigns. Whenever thou shinest upon the face of thy children, leave us a reflection of thy light and thy warmth!

"O Mary, strong as an army, grant victory to our hosts. We are so fragile and our enemies rage with such insolence, but under thy banner, we are secure and we conquer. They know the power of thy foot and fear the majesty of thy glance. Save us, O Mary, fair as the moon, glorious as the sun, strong as a well-disciplined army which relies not on hatred but upon the flame of love. Amen."

[Pope Pius XII]

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