Rosa Mystica


Mary Appears as the "Rosa Mystica" In Fontanelle

By order of the Reverend Bishop of the diocese of Brescia, Monsignore Giacinto Tredici, Pierina spent several years in Brescia helping in a convent. The respected Father Giustino Carpin, who lived in the Franciscan monastery there, became her confessor and is still her spiritual director.

In 1966 a new and second phase of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary began. In February, 1966, Pierina was praying in her room in front of the altar of Our Lady when she had the great joy of seeing the Madonna again. Our Lady gave her consolation, new courage, and predicted that there would be a new apparition at Fontanelle on the following Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, April 17, 1966.

Fontanelle is a part of Montichiari, some kilometers away from the church. Pierina had spent her childhood nearby, and so she knew Fontanelle vety well. In Fontanelle there is a well and an old stone staircase that leads down to it. The Bishop of Brescia was informed about the predicted apparition of Mary in Fontanelle. He ordered Pierina to speak to nobody about it. Accompanied by a girl friend, she went to Fontanelle.

First Apparition in Fontanelle

On the Sunday after Easter, April 17, 1966, Pierina went up and down on the path above the well and prayed the Holy Rosary. About noon, after the Angelus, the dear Mother of the Lord appeared to her and said, "My Divine Son is all love and He sent me here to bestow healing power upon this well.  . . . As a sign of penitence and purification, kiss this top step!" A stone staircase leads from the path down to the well . . . Go farther downstairs, stay on your knees and kiss the step again!" Pierina was gliding backwards on her knees down the steps. Our Lady followed her and one could see her bare feet very well. For the third time, the Mother of the Lord said, "Now kiss the steps again and put a crucifix here!" With her left hand, Our Lady marked the place. "The sick people and all my children shall first ask my Divine Son to forgive them, then lovingly kiss this cross, and then they should draw water to drink."

The beautiful Lady now went near the well and said, "Take mud, dirt in your hands . . .then wash with the water! This is to show that sin becomes mud, and dirt in the hearts of my children. When it is absolved in the water of grace, souls become clean again and worthy of grace." The Mother of the Lord bowed down and touched the water of the well at two places with her hands.

Then she said, "All my children must know the desires of my Son Jesus as I told them in 1947-----His desires and my
messages given at that time in the episcopal church of Montichiari. I wish the sick and all my children to come to this miraculous well. Your mission is now here amidst the sick and all who need your help. Furthermore, I wish you to tell the faithful they have first to go to the church and adore my Divine Son Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Afterwards they are to come here. First they are to give thanks to the Lord Who is so benignant and merciful, and Who gave so much love and grace to Montichiari."

With these words she rose in the air and opened her arms and her cloak, which filled an immense space in the universe. From her arm hung a white Rosary. Below on the right side of her cloak one could see the Church of Montichiari where the apparitions in 1947 had occurred. On the right side of the cloak one saw also the "Castle of St. Mary," a castle built in the Middle Ages on a hill near Montichiari.

This castle has now become by Divine Providence a center and home for the sick, the suffering, and old people. Sometime ago it was for sale and an interested party wanted to transform it into an evil nightclub. When the parish priest of Montichiari learned about these plans, he tried to check them by all means. People prayed a lot, especially to the "Rosa Mystica." The idea of buying the castle for the purposes of charity was an inspiration from Heaven. For this idea a well-known apostle of charity, who had already founded several homes for the sick, the suffering, and old people in Italy, was found. It was Monsignore Luigi Novarese. He purchased the castle and transformed it into a home with a house-chapel for old and sick priests. The parish priest of Montichiari, Monsignore Rossi, invited also the Bishop of Fatima, Monsignore Joao Pereira Venancio, for the solemn inauguration. The bishop was immensely interested in the apparitions of the "Rosa Mystica."

Some priests are already spending their last years in the Castle of St. Mary. Sometimes retreats are held for the movement of Monsignore Luigi Novarese.

The former parish priest of Montichiarl (1945-1971), Monsignore Abate Francesco  Rossi declared. "For me this is a  a visible and very great miracle of the "Rosa Mystica," because the old Castle of St. Mary has now become a place of prayer, penitence and love, instead of a place of sin."

On the left side, under the cloak of the Virgin, which seemed immensely wide, Pierina saw a large complex of buildings. These were the future Homes of Charity, which will be built around the fountain. The Mother of God said, "I wish and repeat that the sick and all my children are to come here to the 'spring of grace.' " With a glorious smile, she disappeared towards Heaven. During this first apparition in Fontanelle, some children were playing near the well who later said at home, "Pierina Gilli has seen the Madonna near the well."

A second apparition in Fontanelle followed on May 13, 1966, the anniversary of the First Apparition of the Virgin in Fatima in 1917; another on June 9, and again on August 6, 1966. There were more in the 1970s.

Pierina Gilli [Guilli] died Jan 12, 1991.

The Apparitions of the Rosa Mystica have never been formally approved by Holy Mother Church. but neither have they been disapproved or forbidden to be talked about. Catholic Tradition neither endorses them, nor discourages belief in them, in keeping with the authority of the Church, especially Pope Urban VIII's decrees on such matters. Until an official negative pronouncement is made a Catholic is free to take an interest in devotion to Rosa Mystica. While it could be trick of Satan, there is nothing against faith or morals, but instead exhorts holiness in priests and religious, etc.


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