This page is dedicated in gratitude to Jim and Margaret Gresser, of Woodford, New South Wales, Australia, and their family, which includes a son, Laurence, who is an FSSP priest in Sydney. We met this lovely family when my husband and I traveled to Australia for our son John's Ordination in 2001. We knew no one in this land where we were first time visitors but we were made to feel at home in an instant. The Gressers are the quintessential traditional Catholic family, not only in Australia, but anywhere this special kind of family is gathered and one has been privileged to find himself in their midst.

After we came back to Maine we received a very precious letter from them and a Christmas card, which bore the image of a Madonna and Child: the image of Our Lady and her Son was so enchanting, and the thoughtfulness included with the card so much like the Gressers, I knew that I would cherish that card throughout the years of my life, and I have. 

  The country grows its own wine, which is among the best in the world, as well as its own grain. The variety and excellence of the bread is truly extraordinary. Somehow it is more than fitting and certainly not coincidence that this continent-nation, built up from the toil of exiles and now verdant and thriving with so many fine priests who welcome tradition, that two of its best resources are grapes and wheat. With God there is such symmetry.

As as I was putting this directory together they kept entering my memory and so in honor of Our Lady and the country that has Our Lady, Help of Christians, pictured above, as its Patron and Benefactress, I salute the most excellent of Catholic families, the Gressers, fruit of the abundant graces from the hands of Our Lady, and send back to them, by token of this little page, the Madonna and Child from sparkling sea to the safest of harbors, with all our thanks from the very bottom of our hearts.


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