1: St. Gertrude Flower Prayer,
As Found on Mary's Main Page with Promise

HAIL, White Lily, of the ever-peaceful and glorious Trinity!

Hail, Vermilion Rose, the delight of Heaven, of whom the King
of Heaven was born and by whose milk He was nourished!
Do thou feed our souls with the effusions of thy Divine influences.

PROMISE: During an apparition of the Blessed Mother, St. Gertrude noticed that the Holy Trinity was depicted under the form of a white lily with three petals. Our Lady made it known that that she would exert her influence with the Holy Trinity on behalf of those who saluted her as the White Lily of the Trinity and the Vermillion Rose of Heaven. She then added: "I will appear at the hour of death to those who salute me thus, in such glory that they will anticipate the very joys of Heaven." [Revelations, Book III, chapter XVIII.]

2: Raccolta Oration to the Virgin Mary Under
the Title, Our Lady of Pity

KNEELING at thy most sacred feet, I venerate thee, great Queen of Heaven, with the deepest reverence, and I confess that thou art the Daughter of God, the Father, the Mother of the Divine Word, and the Bride of the Holy Ghost. Thou art full of grace, virtue and heavenly gifts; thou art the most pure temple of the Holy Trinity. Thou art the treasurer and dispenser of God's mercies. Thy pure heart is overflowing with charity, sweetness and tenderness for us, poor sinners; wherefore we name thee our Lady of Divine Pity. Hence it is with sure confidence that I present myself before thee, our most loving Mother, afflicted and straitened on every side, and I beseech thee to make me feel the love thou hast for me, by granting me, if it is in conformity with the will of God and profitable to my salvation. Ah, I beseech thee, turn thy pure eyes upon me and upon all who are dear to me. Consider the cruel warfare waged by the world, the flesh and the devil against our souls, and see how many are perishing in the strife. Remember, most tender Mother, that we are thy children, purchased by the Precious Blood of thine only-begotten Son. Deign to pray for us without ceasing to the Blessed Trinity, that we may have the grace to be ever victorious over the devil, the world and all our perverse passions; that grace whereby the just may sanctify themselves ever more and more, sinners may be converted, heresies destroyed, unbelievers enlightened and the Jews brought to the light of faith. Ask this grace for us, dearest Mother, through the infinite goodness of God most high, the merits of thy most holy Son, the anxious care wherewith thou didst wait upon Him, the love with which thou didst cherish Him, the tears thou didst shed and the sorrows thou didst undergo during His Passion. Amen.