Hail, Thou Star of Ocean

Hail, thou star of ocean!
Portal of the sky!
Ever Virgin Mother
of the Lord most high!

Break the Captive's fetters,
Light on blindness pour,
All our ills expelling,
Every bliss implore.
Virgin of all virgins!
To thy shelter take us!
Gentlest of the gentle!
Chaste and gentle make us.

Still as on we journey,
Help our weak endeavor;
Till with thee and Jesus
We rejoice forever.

Mary, Dearest Mother

Mary, dearest Mother,
From thy heavenly height,
Look on us thy children
Lost in earth's dark night.
Mary purest creature,
Keep us free from sin,
Help us erring mortals,
Grace in Heaven to win.

Mary, Queen and Mother,
Get us till more grace;
With still greater fervor
Now to run our race.
Daughter of the Father,
Lady kind and sweet;
Lead us to our Father,
Leave us at His feet.

Holy Queen of Angels,
Bid thine Angels come,
To escort us safely
To our heavenly home.
Bid the Saints in Heaven,
Pray for us their prayers;
They are thine dear Mother,
That thou may'st be theirs.



O Mary, My Mother So Tender

O Mary, my Mother so tender, so sweet,
In all my afflictions, I run to thy feet;
Thy heart is so gentle, so loving, so mild,
Thou canst not reject thy poor suppliant child.

O holy Mary, let me come,
Soon to be happy with thee in thy home.

O Mary, my Mother, I long so to see
The glory thy Son has bestowed upon thee;
That Heaven of glory, so purely thine own
The reward which thy spotless purity won.

O holy Mary, let me come,
Soon to be happy with thee in thy home.

O Mary, my Mother, sweet Mother most mild,
Remember how Jesus bequeathed me thy child;
Secure me 'midst dangers from enemies free,
And lead me at death up to Jesus and thee.

O holy Mary, let me come,
Soon to be happy with thee in thy home.



Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary

Omni die dic Mariae, Bernard of Cluny, d. c.1150
Traditional, Henry Bittleston, d.1886, /Trier  Gesangbuch, 1695

Daily, daily, sing to Mary,
Sing my soul, her praise due,
All her feasts, her actions honor,
With the heart's devotion true,
Lost in wond'ring contemplation,
Be her majesty confess'd;
Call her mother, call her virgin,
Happy mother, Virgin blest.

She is mighty in her pleading,
Tender in her loving care;
Ever watchful, understanding,
All our sorrows she will share.

Advocate and loving mother,
Mediatrix of all grace:
Heaven's blessings she dispenses
On our sinful human race.

All our graces flow through Mary;
All then join her praise to sing:
Fairest work of all creation,
Mother of creation's King.

Sing in songs of peace unending,
Call upon her lovingly:
Seat of wisdom, Gate of heaven,
Morning star upon the sea.




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