Consecration of a Person in Need of Conversion
to the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart
by a Traditionalist Priest

O Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of our Savior
and our Mother, I consecrate [name the person or persons] to thee and
give [him, her, them] over entirely to thy unfailing maternal care,
thou who art [his, etc.] Mother in the order of grace. I beg thee to
come to [etc.] aid --- lest [etc.] be lost --- for Thou art [etc.]
only hope. I ask this of thee, dear Mother, with firm trust and
confidence, for as thou knowest better than anyone, "nothing is
impossible with God". O Holy Mary, Virgin and Queen, may the Most
Precious Blood of Jesus come down upon [name, names] and save [etc.]
May [etc.] be delivered from every evil, filled with every virtue,
made to persevere in grace until death, and come to eternal life. Amen.

O Lord Jesus, in the name of Thy Most Holy Mother Mary, and in [etc. name's],
I consecrate [name] to Thy Most Sacred Heart. O Infallible Word of God
and Sweet Redeemer of men, in the name of Thy Most Holy Mother Mary
I beg Thee to have mercy on [name, names] and save [etc.]. Amen.


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