The Blessings of Mary
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Irish Ursulines, 1920 with IMPRIMATUR


The Cure of Anna Krebs

Anna Krebs was the daughter of an honest weaver, and from her infancy she had been a delicate and sickly child, suffering especially from scrofula [a tuberculous infection of the skin of the neck
-----the Web Master], which was the cause of a constant soreness of the eyes. She was incapable even of the slightest labor, and only dragged herself occasionally to school; but, in spite of her thirst for knowledge, she was obliged at last to give this up as well. Finally, she became completely bedridden, for, besides scrofula, she was afflicted with most painful cramps and constant headaches, her entire body being swollen to an extraordinary size. Her eyes were so sore, that she could not endure the least glimmer of light, and her room had to be kept in total darkness. At length she became quite blind. The illness was daily growing more serious, and the child's voice had become so weak, that it was with the greatest difficulty anyone could understand her almost inaudible whispers; this state lasted for nine weeks. Two doctors had been in constant attendance, and they at length declared that there was no hope, as the child was in a decline. After this decision, the poor sufferer was prepared for the Last Sacraments, and, having been anointed, she longed to be released from her sufferings. A few days later, the illness took such an alarming turn, that the sorrowing parents were daily expecting the loss of their child, and had given up even the slightest hope of her recovery. At this juncture, a friend brought a medal of our Lady of the Sacred Heart, and bade the mother hang it round the child's neck, as a last endeavour to save her life. This was about two o'clock in the afternoon, and before three, the dying girl raised herself, and called out in a perfectly distinct voice: "Mother, I am better, for our Blessed Lady has helped me!" At the same moment she was able to distinguish the objects around her, and did not feel the slightest pain anywhere; in fact she was quite transformed. The swelling had already decreased, although none could take this as a certain sign of recovery. Unhappily, this sudden improvement was not a complete cure. The poor invalid was, indeed, able to sit up and do a little work, but her feet had lost all power, so that she could neither walk nor stand, and had to be carried from one place to another. A week later, she was taken to the shrine of our Lady at Philippsdorf, a pilgrimage which she most especially loved, in order to obtain from our Blessed Lady a complete cure. Another week passed, and still they persevered in their prayers; the poor mother was longing for her child's recovery, and in her impatience, she kept urging her to try and make some Little effort, and endeavour to stand or walk, or at least to stretch out her foot. But Anna felt how utterly useless every attempt of this kind was, and so refused to comply with her mother's request. The latter having left the room for a short time, the child felt she had done wrong not to obey, and so made an attempt to stand up. She bade her brother give her a stick, and leaning upon it she raised herself; at the same moment the weakness in her legs disappeared, and she was able to walk.

It was no freak of imagination that had caused this helpless state, for all who knew the child's character and disposition were convinced that she was incapable of being deluded, either by fancy or nervous apprehension. The miracle was thus all the more evident, and within a few weeks her appearance was quite changed, and she became the very picture of health.

May all praise and thanks be given to the Blessed Mother of God, to whom alone Anna Krebs ascribes her miraculous cure, as she did the very moment of her improvement in health, when she cried out, "the Blessed Virgin has helped me!"

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