Aspirations to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Mother of God, remember me. -----Saint Francis Xavier

     O Virgin and Mother, grant that I may always remember thee. -----Saint Philip Neri

     Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me. -----The same Saint

    O Lady, grant that Jesus may never cast me off. -----Saint Ephrem

    O Mary, may my heart never cease to love thee, and my tongue never cease to praise thee.
-----Saint Bonaventure

     O Lady, by the love which thou bearest to Jesus, help me to love Him. -----Saint Bridget

    O Mary, be graciously pleased to make me thy servant. -----Saint Jane de Chantal

    O Mary, I give myself to thee without reserve; do thou accept and preserve me.
-----Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

    O Mary, abandon me not until death. -----Father Spinelli

     Hail, Mary, my Mother.  -----Father Francis Brancaccio

    Holy Mary, my Advocate, pray for me. -----Father Sertorio Caputo

Thy name of Mary, to my ear,
                O Mother Mary, sounds more sweet
             Than sweetest melody;
            It brings such peace and joy so dear,
         That I would ever more repeat
                A word so sweet to me.

     Our Blessed Lady revealed to a devout soul that she was much pleased at being honored by her servants with the following devotion:

     I thank Thee, O Eternal Father, for the power given to Mary, Thy daughter.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father.

    I thank Thee, O Eternal Son, for the wisdom given to Mary, Thy mother.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father.

    I thank Thee, O Eternal and Holy Spirit, for the love given to Mary, Thy spouse.
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father.

    To thee do we cry, O Queen of Mercy, return, that we may behold thee dispensing favors, bestowing remedies, giving strength. Show us thy compassionate looks, and we shall be saved.

    O sovereign Lady of all things, Saint of Saints, splendor of the world, glory of Heaven, acknowledge those who love thee; hear us, for thy Son honors thee by denying thee nothing.

    Run, hasten, O Lady, and in thy mercy help thy sinful servant, who calls upon thee, and deliver him from the hands of the enemy.

Who will not sigh to thee? We sigh with love and grief, for we are oppressed on every side. How can we do otherwise than sigh to thee, O solace of the miserable, refuge of outcasts, ransom of captives? We are certain that when thou seest our miseries, thy compassion will hasten to relieve us.

    O our sovereign Lady and our Advocate, commend us to thy Son. Grant, O blessed one, by the grace which thou hast merited, that He who through thee was graciously pleased to become a partaker in our infirmity and misery, may also, through thy intercession, make us partakers in His happiness and glory.
-----St. Bernard

In thee from my whole heart I have placed my hope. -----St. John Damascene

     It is not possible, O Lady, that thou shouldst abandon him who has placed his hopes in thee.
-----St. Bernard

    Thou hast only to will our salvation, and then it is not possible that we should not obtain it. -----St. Anselm

    Hail, Daughter of God the Father; hail, Mother of God the Son; hail, Spouse of God the Holy Ghost; hail, Temple of the whole Trinity. -----Simon Garcia

     Thanks be to God and to Mary.

    May all things be to the eternal glory of the most Holy Trinity and of Immaculate Mary.

    Live always Jesus our love, and Mary our hope, with Saint Joseph and Saint Teresa our advocates!




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