In his eminent work, THE ADMIRABLE HEART OF MARY, St. John Eudes writes:

The Admirable Heart of Mary is the perfect image of the most Divine Heart of Jesus.  It is the pattern and model for our own hearts; and all our happiness, perfection and glory consists in striving to transform them into so many living images of the Sacred Heart of Mary, just as her holy Heart is a consummate likeness of the adorable Heart of Jesus, Therefore, it is most useful, good and beneficial to exhort Christians to practice devotion to the most august Heart of the Queen of Heaven.  The sovereign devotion is to imitate what we honor, says St. Augustine, so who can fail to perceive that, in encouraging the faithful in devotion to the most eminent virtues that adorn it, to engrave its likeness on their own hearts and to render themselves worthy children of such a Mother?

Consecration to the Admirable Heart Of Mary
by Saint John Eudes

O most holy Heart of Mary, ever Immaculate, ever Virgin, holiest, purest, noblest, greatest,
inexhaustible fountain of goodness, sweetness, mercy and love; model of every virtue, image of the
Adorable Heart of Jesus Christ ever burning with the most ardent charity, who lovest God more than
all the Seraphim together. Heart of the Mother of the Redeemer, seat of peace, wherein mercy and
justice are allied, whence peace between Heaven and earth has begun to be treated, who didst feel our
miseries so deeply, who didst suffer so much for our salvation, who still lovest us so ardently and
who dost merit by all these rights, the respect, love and confidence of all men: deign to accept my poor
tribute of love.

Prostrate before thee I tender thee the most profound homage of which I am capable; I thank
thee for the feelings of love and mercy with which thou an so deeply moved at the sight of our misery;

I offer thee my humble thanks for all the gifts I have received from thy goodness, and I unite with all
the pure souls who delight in honoring, praising and loving thee. They have learned from the Holy
Spirit Who directs them, that it is through thee they most goto Jesus Christ, and offer to this God-Man
their need of adoration.

Therefore, O most loving Heart, thou shalt henceforth be the object of my veneration, of my
love and most tender devotion; thou shalt be the way whereby I shall go to my Saviour, as it is
through thee that His mercy shall come to me; thou shalt be my refuse in every need, my consolation
in every affliction; from thee I shall learn the purity, humility, meekness and above all, the love of
Jesus; I shall ask for these virtues through thy merits and so shall infallibly obtain them. I presume
to offer thee my heart sullied with a thousand sins; all unworthy as it is I trust that thou wilt not
despise it. Grant by thy powerful mediation that it may be purified and detached from every creature;
penetrate it with sorrow for my sins; fill it with the love of the Divine Heart of Jesus, thy Son, that
it may be eternally united with thee in Heaven, there to love God forever. Amen.


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