I was looking through the wonderful pages of your web site when I came upon the links to the St. Therese Museum.  I read the paragraph referring to those who abuse the name and intentions of this great Doctor by making her a mouthpiece for dissent.   . . .  I have been reading the depositions from those who personally knew St. Therese, and, Providentially, I have read something which I believe is a strong refutation of these people from the lips of the Saint herself!

The work, which I have copied the texts from, is called: 

"The Spirit of St. Therese de L'Enfant Jesus (as shown forth by her writings and the testimony of Eyewitnesses)".  It is the forth edition (1948) and is Imprimatured from Westminster on the 17th September 1925.

The first attachment is the actual quote from St. Therese which the dissenters use to further their cause and the second, which, Providentially, is on the opposite page of the book (as if the compilers foresaw that people would misuse the first quote) is St. Therese's "inflexible" stance on obedience to religious authority!  The fact that our current Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has **definitively** closed the question of Women's Ordination would most certainly
curb any desire which St. Therese may have had for Ordination and the thought that she would be a rallying point for dissent would have been (and *is* I am sure) most distasteful to her!

If, during my course of reading, I come upon any further quotes from St. Therese
on Obedience, I will, if you want, forward them on to you.

With very best wishes,
In Christ, His Immaculate Mother and the Little Flower of Lisieux,