An Act of Oblation of a Little Soul

Behold, Sweet Jesus, I offer my life to Thee. Take me as a little victim of love and do with me whatever Thou willest. Oh, how I love Thee! I offer Thee all my faculties both of soul and of body. Take them, Jesus, also every moment of my life. Let me know and love no one but Thee, my Sweet Love. Take from me all liberty to sin. I offer myself entirely to Thee and beg Thee to rivet me within Thy Holy Wounds. Let my love of Thee have no limit or bounds, but let it be known over the earth when life has fled and I am resting in Thy Arms.

Jesus, Thou Who art the lover of little souls, may my life be one act of perfect love. May I be plunged deeper within Thee at every heart-throb. Imprint within me Thy Divine Likeness so that I may draw many souls to the enjoyment of the happiness of living in Thee.

Jesus, take my heart; make it Thy furnace of love so that many souls may be inflamed by its fire. Take me, wound me, so that the imprint may go with me into Eternity. O my God, take from me everything I have if it please Thy Wounded Heart. O Jesus, may my life be a martyrdom of love. May I become a perfect little victim. May suffering be the key to my happiness. I long only to love Thee passionately even unto folly and to burn others in the fire of this love.

May I be a beacon-light to souls who are following in darkness the pleasures of this world. And when the evening of life comes may I fly to Thee, even though it be with empty hands, to receive once more Thy Heavenly embrace and fall asleep in Thy Arms --- for all eternity in Heaven. Amen.