His Prodigies in Favor of Children

THE Saint had the purity of heart and innocence of the most innocent child, so we ought not be surprised that he especially favored the cause of children. For instance a Christina de Rogatis had a son who was wasting away from a slow fever and hemorrhaging until he died. This mother who could not be consoled decided to pray to Brother Gerard. She had obtained a tooth of the Servant of God, in itself a great grace, which she place on her dead boy's body saying "Brother Gerard, do not abandon me in my grief. Restore my son to life!" The child opened his eyes and arose healthy and bursting with life.

A priest related a similar case of a little girl.

Another young boy just under five was suffering from a great fever which threatened his life.  His family invoked Gerard Majella until one nigh the lad became very happy and cried out: "Mama, Mama, see Brother Gerard! See how beautiful he is! how shining! Mama, get up! Come, see!" The very next day the child was completely well.

In 1829 a little girl had a convulsive cough; her parents prayed to our Saint. Soon after he said she saw him and that he had cured her, for after that she was well.

The following year, Agnese Forlenza of Caposele, just six years old became so deadly ill preparations for her funeral were being considered. Just as he was about to die,  a relic of the Saint was placed on her and immediately, she exclaimed: "I am cured! Brother Gerard has cured me!" The doctor pronounced it a miracle.

Then in 1831 little Rafaelle was near death from diphtheria. Her father was away from the family home, but he carried with him the Life of Brother Gerard; he removed the Saint's image from the book and keeping it in his hand, he prayed: "Brother Gerard, now is the time to show your sanctity." Knowing his daughter was about to die he hurried as fast as he could to his daughter's bedside; as he entered the house, he learned she had already been healed and at the exact moment that he had invoked the Saint. This miracle was followed by another grace. The father had long held a hatred of someone in his heart and he was able to at last let go of it. Again so many are the verified cases that we trust that these are sufficient to instill devotion to St. Gerard.

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