A Message for Mollie, Megyn & Company at Fox News

Filed by Pauly Fongemie, December 17, 2012

This column serves as an urgent plea and pointed message for Mollie Line, Megyn Kelly and Other Reporters at Fox News, concerning the wanton slaughter of so many innocent people, mostly six years of age and younger. Before I begin, let me stipulate for the record that I am in complete agreement with all the Catholic columns written about the Connecticut horror and also with so much stated by the above named journalists, and that I, too, salute the heroism of those teachers who died trying to save their young charges, may their souls be already in Heaven along with these precious innocent young ones! This, however, is not the purpose of this piece because it has already been said so eloquently by those who have gone before me.

Megan Kelly, a most sincere, dedicated Fox host and devoted mother of two young ones herself, asked a psychologist about the possible "cause" of such senseless, cruelty and disrespect for human life. If I recall correctly, the man's name is Dr. Keith Ablow, who was obviously sincere, caring and greatly disturbed about the mass murder. He answered, and I am paraphrasing, that one of the causes was Facebook and related social phenomena, where the impersonally personally pointed dominates and tends to lead to disrespect for the dignity of others.

Now, Dr. Ablow is correct, of this there is no uncertainty. I believe that Miss Kelly agreed and went on to expound as she so often does in a thoughtful manner.  All well and good as things are. Unfortunately, this idea but scratches the surface; in fact the reputed causes are really symptons of a much deeper, actual, primary cause for the loss of the sense of the sanctity of life. Infra.

Later, a reporter in the field, the thorough-going, to be respected Mollie Line, provided a stirring report that included the phrase in quotes, that forms the main title of this column. Miss Line is one of those journalists who is both scrupulous and a dedicated professional, while remaining sweet and loveable all at the same time. She is as precious as the "little people" she had to fight tears over. In fact there is about the young woman a refreshing innocence that does not undercut her mature perspective becoming of an adult with dignity and ego properly in check. Her rousing, truly memorial unforgettable line belongs to the "Out of the Mouths of Babes" department. Infra.

In other words, it is even more true to say that this is what happens in abortion, "Little People Who Are Cut Down Before They Had Much Chance To Live." Now, why is it that the media, including those at FOX News are rightly incensed and aggrieved over young school children who could at least try to run on their little legs as they were not restrained in the normal sense, but are so dismissive, that is, not as insistent on the urgency about the same slaughter in the womb and sometimes even outside it, whether termed "partially" or abandoned to die on a sterile table in some back room where the muted cries of the helpless infant go unheeded?

I would like Dr. Ablow to analyze this savage phenomenon ...

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