Most Pleasing to the Blessed Virgin

While St. Gertrude was bewailing her negligence in that she had never served the Mother of Jesus with due reverence, and was beseeching our Lord to supply her lack of service, she seemed to see the King of Glory arise and present his deific Heart to His Mother, and therewith to make amends for all her negligence. To obtain a like grace, recite the following prayer:

O SWEETEST Jesus, by that love wherewith Thou didst deign to take our flesh of the most pure Virgin and of her to be born, that Thou mightest satisfy the desires of the poor and the wants of the needy, I beseech Thee that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to make amends to Thy ever- virgin Mother, with Thine Own sweetest Heart, for all the manifold defects which through my own negligence and ingratitude have tainted and marred my service and honour of so gentle and loving a Mother, whose gracious succour has never failed me in any danger or necessity. Do thou, O most tender Jesus, present to her Thy sweetest Heart, overflowing with ineffable blessedness, in reparation of this my neglect. Let her see therein all the Divine love whereby Thou didst from all eternity freely elect her to be Thy Mother, didst preserve her from all taint of Original Sin, and incomparably adorn her with all graces and all virtues. Let her see therein all the tenderness wherewith Thou didst cling to her when she cherished Thee, her Child, in her bosom; all the constant unfailing love with which, during the whole time of Thy sojourn on earth, Thou, Who art the Ruler of Heaven and of earth, didst obey her as a son his mother and especially in the hour of Thy death, when, as though forgetting Thine Own intolerable anguish, and touched to the heart by her desolation, Thou didst provide for her a guardian and a son. Let her see therein that love beyond thought with which Thou didst show her how precious she is in Thy sight, when on the day of her most joyous Assumption Thou didst exalt her high above all the choirs of Angels, and crown her Lady and Queen of Heaven and earth. And thus, O good Jesus, may she be still to me a loving and long-suffering Mother, and both in life and in death my compassionate advocate and most gracious patroness. Amen.


When St. Gertrude had recited this short prayer, she saw in vision the Mother of Divine grace arise and beseech the Blessed Trinity to grant her as large a measure of grace as the heart of man can receive in this life. Then the most glorious Trinity turned towards the Saint, and filled her soul with unutterable grace and benediction.

BLESSED be the ineffable, ever-adorable omnipotence of God the Father; and blessed the wondrous and manifold wisdom of God the Son; and blessed the amazing and most tender goodness of the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete; for that the ever-glorious Trinity hath deigned to decree from eternity, to create in time, and to bestow on us as our most effectual help and succour, the Virgin so full of all grace, in order that He might communicate to her His Own Divine and superabounding beatitude. Amen.