Prayers to Jesus Christ


O GOOD Jesus, my love, my joy, and my sweetness, my soul loves Thee alone; for Thee alone doth my longing spirit pine. For Thou art more glorious than the sun, fairer than the moon, more radiant than the dawn, more brilliant than the stars. Thou art whiter than the lily, more ruddy than the rose, more vigorous than the hyacinth, and more fragrant than earth's most fragrant flowers. Thou art sweeter than all sweetness, more tender than all affection, more exquisite than all dainties, beloved above all love. Thou alone art great and to be praised, Thou alone art sweet and to be loved, Thou alone art fair and pleasant, Thou alone beauteous and full of delight, Thou alone hast no counterpart or equal in Heaven or in earth. Wherefore, in token of my love, I offer Thee this wreath of gems, and present it to Thee on the golden Altar of thy Divine Heart, in union with that unceasing melody of praise wherewith the whole company of Heaven worships Thee. And since this my meagre, barren praise is altogether unworthy of Thee, O true Love of my heart, do Thou Thyself perform the stately solemnity of Thy praise; and together with Thee let all the ranks of Heaven rejoice and sing aloud for that greatest, sweetest blessing, that Thou art my God, and that Thou dost condescend to be acknowledged, and loved, and praised by me, the refuse and offscouring of Thy creatures, Amen.


This prayer was revealed to St. Gertrude during an unusually abundant influx of grace and light. Our Lord said to her: Whoever repeats this prayer shall receive the grace to know Me more intimately, and shall receive into his soul the splendour of My Divinity, even as he who holds up to the sun a mirror of pure gold collects therein the dazzling effulgence of its rays.
O THOU most excelling King of kings, Prince of glory, my loving Jesus, Thou art the life of my soul; may all the affection of my heart be inflamed with the ardour of Thy love, and for ever united to Thee. May it sink back baffled and exhausted when it would love aught but what tends to Thee alone; for Thou art the brilliance of all colour, the savour of all dainties, the fragrance of all odours, the charm of all melody, the soothing repose of all love. O Thou overflowing abyss of Divinity, in Thee is pleasure most enrapturing, from Thee ever-gushing streams of plenty spread around, towards Thee a gentle force irresistibly attracts, through Thee our souls are inundated with thrilling gladness. O King of kings most worthy, sovereign Lord of all, Prince most glorious, most clement Ruler, Thou most mighty Protector; Thou art the vivifying germ of human dignity, O most wonderful in Thy working, gentlest of Teachers, Wisest in counsel, most kind and effectual Helper, Friend faithful unto death. No union is so intimate, so beatific, as Thine, O Thou transporting, soothing Lover of souls, most tender and chaste Spouse of Thy chosen. Thou art the spring Flower of noble gracefulness, O my brother most fair, ruddy, and comely in Thy youth, most winning companion, Host most munificent in Thy provision; I choose Thee in preference to all creatures, for Thy sake I renounce all pleasure, for Thee I run with joy to meet all adversity, and in all I do I seek no other praise than Thine. I acknowledge with heart and mouth that Thou art the root from which these and all good things spring. With the energy of Thy fervour I unite my intention to that of Thy most availing prayer, that in virtue of this Divine union every movement of rebellion may be quelled and crushed within me, and that I may be led by Thee to the summit. and pinnacle of perfection. Amen.


O GOOD Jesus, O most compassionate Jesus, O Jesus Son of God and of the Virgin Mary, full of mercy and of pity; O sweet Jesus, have mercy on me according to Thy great mercy. O most clement Jesus, I implore Thee, by that Thy Precious Blood which Thou hast shed for sinners, that Thou wouldst wash away all my iniquities, and look down upon me, wretched and unworthy, humbly seeking Thy forgiveness and invoking this holy Name of Jesus. O Name of Jesus, name of sweetness! Name of Jesus, name most full of delight! Name of Jesus, name most lovely! For what is Jesus but Saviour? Wherefore, O Jesus, for Thy holy Name's sake, be to me Jesus, and save me. Suffer me not to be lost, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood. O good Jesus, let not mine iniquity destroy me, the work of Thine almighty goodness. O Jesus most benignant, have mercy on me in this day of mercy, that Thou condemn me not in the day of judgment. O most compassionate Jesus, if Thy stern justice incline to condemn me, I make my appeal and my refuge in Thy most pitiful mercy. O most loving Jesus, Jesus most ardently longed for, Jesus most gentle and meek, O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, receive me into the number of Thy chosen. O Jesus, the salvation of those who believe in Thee; O Jesus, the trust of those who flee for refuge unto Thee; O Jesus, the sweetness of those who love Thee; grant that I may love Thee, and cleave faithfully to Thee, and after this most miserable life come to Thee in peace. Amen.


That by His most holy life and conversation He would make satisfaction for our transgressions.

O TENDER Jesus, full of pity and of mercy, Who never despisest the sighing of the wretched, to Thee I betake myself, imploring Thy clemency. Speak Thou for me, supply Thou for me; for I confess unto Thee all my sins. By the sinless tears of Thy most glorious eyes, wash away all the stains of my sinful eyes. By the gentle pity of Thy blessed ears, wash away all the iniquities of my sinful ears. By the thrilling energy of the sweet words of Thy blessed lips, wash away all the offences of my polluted lips. By the perfection of Thine actions and by the wounds in Thy hands, wash away all the offences of my impious hands. By the aching weariness of Thy blessed feet, and by the cruel holes of the nails, wash away all the defilement of my sinful feet. By the pure intention of Thy most holy thoughts, and by the glowing love of Thy pierced Heart, wash away all the guiltiness of my evil thoughts and of my wicked heart. By the matchless innocence of Thy life, and by Thine unspotted holiness, destroy all the foulness of my corrupt life. By the priceless fountain of Thy most Precious Blood, wash away, cleanse and efface every defilement of my heart and soul, that by Thy most holy merits I may be found clean from sin, and be henceforward enabled to keep all Thy commandments perfectly and spotlessly. Amen.