To the Blessed Sacrament

Say the preliminary prayer,  MY LORD JESUS CHRIST, etc.

Behold, I stand at the gate, and knock. [Apoc. iii. 20] O most loving shepherd, Who, not satisfied with sacrificing Thyself once to death on the altar of the Cross for the love of Thy sheep, hast moreover been pleased to hide Thyself in this Divine Sacrament on the Altars of our churches, to be always near, and to knock at the doors of our hearts, and thus obtain Thy admission! Ah, did I but know how to enjoy Thy nearness to me as did the Sacred Spouse in the Canticles, who says: I sat down under His shadow, Whom I desired. [Cant. ii. 3] Ah, did I but love Thee, did I but really love Thee, my most amiable Sacrament, I also should wish never to leave the foot of a tabernacle either night or day; and fixing myself near Thy Majesty, concealed under the apparent shadow of the sacred species, I also should find those Divine sweetnesses and that happiness which souls enamoured of Thee there find. Ah, do Thou be graciously pleased to draw me by the odor of Thy beauties, and of the immense love which Thou manifest in this Sacrament: Draw me: we will run after Thee to the odor of Thy ointments. [Cant. i. 3] Yes, my Saviour, I will leave creatures and all earthly pleasures, to run after Thee in this Sacrament: As olive-plants, round about Thy table. [Ps. cxxvii. 3] Oh, what abundant fruits of virtues do those happy souls, like olive-plants. bring forth to God, who assist with love before the sacred tabernacle! But I am ashamed to appear before Thee, O my Jesus, so naked and so devoid of all virtues. Thou hast commanded that all who approach the altar to honor Thee should present a gift: Thou shalt not appear empty before Me. [Exod. xxiii. 15] What, then, am I to do? Am I no more to appear before Thee? Ah, no; this would not please Thee. Poor as I am, I will approach Thee; and do Thou provide me with the gifts which Thou desirest. I see that Thou dwellest in the Sacrament, not only to reward Thy lovers, but also to provide for the poor out of Thy riches.

Be it so, then; let us now begin. I adore Thee, O King of my heart, and true lover of men. O shepherd, loving Thy sheep beyond all bounds, to this throne of Thy love I now approach; and having nothing else to present to Thee, I offer Thee my miserable heart, that it may be entirely consecrated to Thy love and to Thy good pleasure. With this heart I can love Thee, and I will love Thee as much as I can. Draw it, then, to Thyself, and bind it wholly to Thy will, so that, filled with consolation, it may be able from henceforth to say, as Thy dear disciple said, that it is bound by the chains of Thy love: I, Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ. [Eph. iii. 1] Unite me, my Lord, entirely to Thyself, and make me forget myself, that I may have the happiness one day to lose all things, and even myself, to find Thee alone, and to love Thee forever. I love Thee, my Sacramental Lord; to Thee do I bind myself, to Thee do I unite myself; make me find Thee, make me love Thee, and never more separate Thyself from me.

Ejaculatory prayer. My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me!

Then follows the SPIRITUAL COMMUNION, after which the visit should be paid to the ever-blessed Mary, the Mother of God before her image:

Visit to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Click HERE.

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