To the Blessed Sacrament

Say the preliminary prayer,  MY LORD JESUS CHRIST, etc.

One day Jesus will be seated on a throne of majesty in the valley of Josaphat; but now, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, He is seated on a throne of love. Did a king, to show his love for a poor shepherd, go and live in his village, how great would be the ingratitude of this peasant did he not often go to visit him, knowing the king's wish to see him, and that for this purpose he had come to reside there!

Ah, my Jesus, for love of me Thou dwellest in the Sacrament of the Altar. Could I, then, do so, my desire I would be to remain night and day in Thy Presence. If the Angels, O my Lord, filled with astonishment at the love which Thou bearest us, remain always around Thee, it is but reasonable that I, seeing Thee for my sake on this Altar, should endeavor to please Thee, at least by remaining in Thy Presence, to praise the love and goodness which Thou hast for me: I will sing praise to Thee in the sight of the Angels; I will worship towards Thy holy temple, and I will give glory to Thy name: for Thy mercy and for Thy truth. [Ps. cxxxvii. 1, 2]

O God, Present in this Most Holy Sacrament, O Bread of Angels, O heavenly food, I love Thee; but Thou art not, neither am I, satisfied with my love. I love Thee; but I love Thee too little. Do Thou, my Jesus, make known to me the beauty, the immense goodness which I love: make my heart banish from itself all earthly affections, and give place to Thy Divine love. To fill me with Thy love, and to unite Thyself all to me, Thou descendest every day from Heaven on our Altars: it is, then, but just that I should think of nothing else but of loving, adoring, and pleasing Thee. I love Thee with my whole soul, I love Thee with all my affections. If Thou art graciously pleased to make me a return for this love, increase my love; render its flames more ardent; that thus I may always love Thee more, and desire more and more to please Thee.

Ejaculatory prayer. Jesus, my love, give me love!

Then follows the SPIRITUAL COMMUNION, after which the visit should be paid to the ever-blessed Mary, the Mother of God before her image:

Visit to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Click HERE.

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