To the Blessed Sacrament

Say the preliminary prayer,  MY LORD JESUS CHRIST, etc.

"Let us be careful," says St. Teresa, "never to be at a distance from Jesus our beloved Shepherd, nor to lose sight of Him; for the sheep which are near their shepherd are always more caressed and better fed, and always receive some choice morsels of that which he himself eats. If by chance the shepherd sleeps, still the lamb remains near him, and either waits until his slumber ends, or itself awakens him; and it is then caressed with new favors."

My Redeemer, present in this Most Holy Sacrament, behold me near Thee: the only favor which I ask of Thee is, fervor and perseverance in Thy love. I thank thee, O holy faith; for thou teachest and assurest me that in the Divine Sacrament of the Altar, in that heavenly bread, bread does not exist; but that my Lord Jesus Christ is all there, and that He is there for love of me. My Lord and my all, I believe that Thou art Present in the Most Holy Sacrament; and though unknown to eyes of flesh, by the light of holy faith I discern Thee in the consecrated Host, as the monarch of Heaven and earth, and as the Saviour of the world. Ah, my most sweet Jesus! as Thou art my hope, my salvation, my strength, my consolation, so also I will that Thou shouldst be all my love, and the only subject of all my thoughts, of my desires, and of my affections. I rejoice more in the supreme happiness which Thou enjoyest, and wilt enjoy forever, than in any good thing which I could ever have in time or in eternity. My supreme satisfaction is, that Thou, my beloved Redeemer, art supremely happy, and that Thy happiness is infinite. Reign, reign, my Lord, over my whole soul; I give it all to Thee; do Thou ever possess it. May my will, my senses, and my faculties be all servants of Thy love, and may they never in this world serve for anything else than to give Thee satisfaction and glory. Such was thy life, O first lover and Mother of my Jesus! Most holy Mary, do thou help me; do thou obtain for me the grace to live henceforward, as thou didst always live, in the happiness of belonging to God alone.

Ejaculatory prayer.  My Jesus, may I be all Thine, and be Thou all mine!

Then follows the SPIRITUAL COMMUNION, after which the visit should be paid to the ever-blessed Mary, the Mother of God before her image:

Visit to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Click HERE.

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