O sweet Jesus, Who art really present in the Host before which I bow down. Thou Who seest and hearest me at this moment, condescend to grant my prayer.
Make me understand that in possessing Thee Who art in the Tabernacle, I possess the Treasure of treasures, beside which everything else is as nothing. May Thy
sacramental Presence be henceforth the constant and dominant though of my life, in praying and in working in holy places and in all other places whithersoever Thy will
shall call me. May the inner sight of my soul come ceaselessly in search of Thee here, until at last it shall rest here, as far as is possible for me, never again to turn aside.
Make me to understand all the good that thou hast hidden for me in that Tabernacle, which holds Thee for love of me, so that I may fly to Thee at once in every necessity.
O Host Jesus, in my trials and temptations, in my afflictions and in my daily shortcomings, since therein lies the cure for all my infirmities; to Thee, my Redeemer,
Who art the great healer of all my afflictions and the only mediator between me and my heavenly Father. O Jesus, Thou for Whom the Apostles gave up all, when Thou
 saidst to them, "Follow Me," be my only good; Thou, Whom the Jews followed in order that they might see and hear Thee, forgetting to provide for their own sustenance, draw
me towards Thee; Thou for Whom the Martyrs shed their blood, suffered torments and gave up their lives, make me Thine; Thou for Whom the Blessed Virgin gave up
all domestic joys and the good things of this world, detach me from all except Thineself; Thou for Whom the hermits and holy religious gave up their passions, their self-love,
and all the gratifications of this life, make me to love Thee as they did, so that, like them, I may realize that Thou art the real treasure of our souls. O Eucharistic Jesus, be
alone my One  and my All on this earth and for all eternity.

Say to me that in waiting for Heaven, I may keep Thee company here below, making atonement for so many souls who forget Thee, suffering to win for Thee souls that will love
Thee, praying that Thou with marks of my respect, working to make Thee known and loved, uniting myself to Thy sacrifice, praising Thee in Thy Eucharistic humility, possessing
Thee by frequent Holy Communion, living by Thee and in Thee; every instant glorifying through Thee, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen