St. Juliana Falconieri
June 19



 She is the niece of Saint Alexis Falconieri, one of the seven founders of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her spiritual father was Saint Philip Benizi, a member of the Servite Order. She became the foundress of the Third Order of the Servites. She took a vow of virginity, and began to dress and live like a nun, when she was only fifteen. Her great devotion was to the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady led her, because of this devotion, to a most ecstatic love of the Blessed Sacrament. Saint Juliana Falconieri is called "the Saint of the Holy Eucharist." She was seventy years old when she died. This was after years of great sickness. She was so ill in her stomach that she could not receive Our Lord in the Eucharist by way of Viaticum. She asked the priest as a favor that the Sacred Host be placed on a corporal, and laid on her heart. At the moment she died, the Sacred Host disappeared. After the death of Saint Juliana Falconieri, the form of the Host was found stamped on her heart in the exact place where the Blessed Sacrament had been laid when she was dying. See also reference HERE.


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