St. Andrew Avellino
November 10



Born at Castronuovo, Italy, he was Baptized Lorenzo, studied civil and canon law in Naples, received his doctorate, and was ordained. After a period as a canon lawyer, he turned to pastoral work and in 1556 was assigned the task of reforming Sant' Arcangelo convent in Baiano, where he was almost killed by those opposing his reforms. He left Baiano and joined the Theatines in Naples, taking the name Andrew. He eventually became superior of the Naples house and was known for his efforts to improve the quality of priests. In 1570, he was sent to Lombardy at the request of St. Charles Borromeo, founded houses at Milan and Piacenza, and was most successful in reforming the area in spite of great resistance. He returned to Naples in 1582 and spent the rest of his life ministering to the spiritual needs of his people, converting many and combating Protestantism. He is credited with many miracles, and blood taken from his body after his death was reported to bubble like that of St. Januarius, also in Naples. An investigation of the matter by Msgr. Pamphili (later Pope Innocent X) gave no credence to the report. St. Andrew Avellino died in Naples on November 10, while saying Mass, for which he is most remembered.


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