When the moment comes to approach the Communion railing, excite in your heart a new act of contrition while the Confiteor is recited and the priest pronounces the absolution in order to merit more and more the remission of your sins, and obtain a perfect purity to receive the spotless Lamb. At the Ecce Agnus Dei and Domine non sum dignus, pour forth your heart in sentiments of humility, love, joy, adoration, and self immolation. Having received the Sacred Host, that pledge of your salvation, retire with respectful modesty, and remain sometime in simple recollection, in silent contemplation. Sit like Magdalen in humble, adoring love at the feet of Jesus, gaze upon Him like Zaccheus, love Him in mute worship like Mary, His Blessed Mother. Consecrate your heart to Jesus and make good resolutions. Then you may continue your devotions with the help of your prayer book.

HAVING received Jesus into your heart at Holy Communion, spend some time in simple recollection, without vocal prayers. Adore Him in silence; sit like Magdalen in humble, adoring love at His feet; gaze upon Him like Zaccheus, love Him in mute worship like Mary, His Mother.

Call Him your King, the Spouse of your soul. Say to Him: "Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth." Offer yourself to Him as His servant, ready to execute His will. Bind your heart to His footstool, that it may wander no more, or rather, put it under His feet, that He may crush out its self-love and pride.

While your soul remains in recollection, in the hushed calm of His Holy Presence, do not seek to disturb it. It is the sleep of the soul upon the breast of Jesus, and this grace, which strengthens and unites it to Our Lord, will be more profitable than any other exercise.

The first state having passed, we may then proceed to acts of thanksgiving and the exercise of the Four Ends of Sacrifice [which we have already presented on page 4-2], may prove useful:
Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, and Supplication or Prayer.