I. Adore Jesus upon the throne of your heart, and kiss His sacred feet and wounded hands. Rest upon that Heart which is burning with love for you. Offer Him the keys of your home, like St. Catherine of Genoa, " with full power to do all."

II. Thank Jesus for having so honored and loved you, as to give you this Communion; to you so poor and miserable, so imperfect and unfaithful. Call upon Mary and all the Saints and Angels to thank and praise Jesus for His wonderful love and excessive goodness.

III. Make reparation to Jesus by expressing your intense sorrow for your sins, and by protestations of love at His feet with Magdalen. Give Him some proof of your fidelity and gratitude by the sacrifice of some unregulated affection of the definite resolution to overcome some particular passion with more persistent energy and perseverance. Beg of Him the grace never to offend Him more, and desire to die rather than offend Him by mortal sin.

IV. Petition: Ask what you will; these are the precious moments of grace. The Lord is passing; cry out to him for mercy and help. He lingers under your roof. Jesus is ready to listen to your complaints, and to give you all that you ask. beg him not so much for temporal favors, but rather that you may become a Saint ---- that you may be more holy, more spiritual, more perfect, more and more pleasing to Him. pray that His kingdom may be extended and that He may rule all hearts.

Pray for your daily needs. Pray for your relations, your pastors, for the Holy father, for the triumph and exaltation of the Church, and of the holy Faith; for peace upon earth.

For traditional vocations to the priesthood and the perfection and sanctification of those who have already embraced it. Pray for those priests who may have lost their faith or who do damage to the church because of heretical beliefs and or practices. Pray for the Catholic restoration and for the fervid perseverance of Religious and those among the laity who adore Christ in the Eucharist; for the spread of the Eucharistic kingdom of Christ.

For the conversion of sinners, especially for those in whom you are most interested or recommended to your prayers; pray for those who may have been abandoned by those who ought to pray for them; for the dying and the unBaptized.  Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially those whom you have an obligation to pray for, and for the most forgotten ones, and the souls of priests.

Pray that Jesus may be known, loved, and served by all men. Conclude by offering some little flower to Our Lord, by a practical resolution, or the promise of a particular sacrifice during the day. Then say a few vocal prayers for the rightful intentions of the Holy Father, e.g., five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys in union with the prayer which is to be recited before the Crucifix, in order to obtain a plenary indulgence. There are many indulgences that we can gain very easily, and we are too often forgetful of these riches that are so profitable when applied to the wants of the suffering souls, who will join in with your thanksgiving. During the day do not forget the royal visit of Jesus, the King of Kings; preserve a remembrance of the morning's grace, like a vase that has gathered up some precious perfume, like a soul that has spent one hour of the busy day in the courts of Paradise.


You have come to my heart, dearest Jesus,
I am holding You close to my breast;
I'm telling You over and over,
You are welcome, Little White Guest.

I love You, I love You, my Jesus,
O please do not think I am bold;
Of course, You must know that I love You,
But I am sure that you like to be told.

I'll whisper, "I love You, my Jesus,"
And ask that we never may part;
I love You, O kind, loving Jesus
And press You still nearer my heart.

And when I shall meet You in Heaven,
My soul then will lean on Your breast;
And You will recall our fond meetings,
When You were my Little White Guest.