Acts Before Holy Communion


Acts of Faith and Adoration

MY GOOD Jesus, I believe with a firm and lively faith, that in this adorable Sacrament are Thy Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. I believe that in this consecrated Host I shall receive that same Body Which was born of the most pure Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, HOLY CARD IMAGEWhich suffered so many pains and torments for love of me on the Way of the Cross and on Calvary, and which rose gloriously from the dead. I believe that I shall receive the most holy Soul Which is enriched with all the treasures of the Divinity; I believe that I shall receive God Himself.

I adore Thee, O my God, as my Creator, my Preserver, my Redeemer, and my Judge, truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

Divine Host, I adore Thee with the Angels who fill the sanctuary and hover over the tabernacle as they hovered over the cave of Bethlehem in the Holy Night; I adore Thee, my God, with the Blessed Virgin, and in union with all the Saints.

Lord and Master of the universe, Who hast fixed Thy dwelling amongst men, I adore Thee with profound gratitude. O my Jesus, bless this temple wherein Thou residest, but still more the heart that I offer Thee as a living abode and place of rest. Deign ever to inhabit it by Thy grace and Thy love, and may my sins never banish Thee from it! Lord, I have a firm faith, but do Thou strengthen my faith, and animate it so that it may produce in my soul deeper sentiments of adoration and love.

Good Lord, increase my faith that I may love Thee more, and be more generous in my sacrifices for the love of my neighbors.

Act of Contrition, Hope and Confidence

O JESUS, loving Spouse of my soul, the longed-for moment draws near; the happy moment, in which I, Thy unworthy creature, shall receive the most Holy sacrament of Thy Body and Blood, as the most effectual remedy for all my miseries. For the love of Thee I grieve most bitterly for every one of my sins and for all my negligences, whereby I have offended Thy tender goodness, and defiled my soul, which Thou didst ransom with Thine Own most precious Blood. How shall I presume to receive Thee into a heart all surrounded with briers and thorns of earthly attachments, reeking with unwholesome vapors of worldliness and vain desires! But, my merciful Jesus, though I am sick of soul, I remember the words which fell from Thine Own gracious lips---that they who are whole need not the physician, but they who are sick---and this gives me confidence. Surely, my Lord, if any one has cause to trust Thee it is I! Others may have their innocence or their virtues to fall back upon, but I have Thy mercy, Thy great mercy only. I have made myself undeserving of it, but when hast thou ever treated me as I deserved? Where should I be now if justice and not mercy had had its way? Good Jesus, Who didst invite the blind and the lame, the poor and the needy, to Thy supper, behold, as one of them all, I will draw near to the most sacred feast of Thy Body and Blood, the banquet of the Angels, not in presumption, but with a contrite and humble heart, with lowly confidence, with hope in Thy goodness and mercy, with love in return for all Thy love, with fervent desire to please Thee, to live henceforth according to Thy Spirit, and in the imitation of the virtues of Thy Sacred Heart that I may praise and glorify Thee eternally.