Aspirations and Thoughts

O God! Who knows what fate awaits me?

I shall be either eternally happy or eternally miserable.
Of what worth is all the world without God? Let all be lost, but let not God be lost.
I love Thee, my Jesus Who didst die for me! Would that I had died before I ever offended Thee!
I will rather die than lose God.
Jesus and Mary, Thou art my hope.
My God, help me, for the love of Jesus Christ! My Jesus, Thou alone art sufficient for me!
Suffer me not to separate myself from Thee.
Give me Thy love, and then do with me what Thou pleasest.
Whom shall I love, if I love not Thee, my God?
Eternal Father, help me, for the love of Jesus! I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee!
Here I am, O Lord; do with me what Thou wilt!
When shall I see myself altogether Thine, my God?
When shall I be able to say to Thee, My God, I can lose Thee no more?
Mary, my hope, have pity on me!
Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me!
Lord, who am I, that Thou shouldst desire to be loved by me?
My God, I desire Thee alone, and nothing more.
I desire all that Thou dost will, and that alone.
Oh, that I might be annihilated for Thee, Who wast annihilated for me!
Towards Thee alone, my God, have I been ungrateful!
I have offended Thee enough, I will no longer displease Thee.
If I had died then, I could not have loved Thee any more.
Let me die before again offending Thee.
Thou hast waited for me that I might love Thee. Yea, I will love Thee.
I consecrate the remainder of my life to Thee.
O my Jesus, draw me entirely to Thyself!
Thou wilt not leave me; I will not leave Thee.
I hope that we shall always love each other, O God of my soul!
My Jesus, make me all Thine before I die!
Grant that when Thou shalt come to judge me, I may see Thee with a benign countenance.
Thou hast done more than enough to oblige me to love Thee. I love Thee, I love Thee!
Deign to accept the love of a sinner who has so often offended Thee.
Thou has given Thyself all to me; I give myself all to Thee.
I desire to love Thee exceedingly in this life that I may love Thee exceedingly in the next.
Teach me to know Thy great goodness, that I may love Thee very much.
Thou lovest those that love Thee. I love Thee, do Thou also love me.
Give me the love Thou requirest of me. I rejoice that Thou art infinitely happy.
Oh that I had always loved thee, and had died before I had offended Thee.
Grant that I may overcome all things to please Thee.
I give Thee my whole will; dispose of me as thou pleasest.
My pleasure is to please Thee, O Infinite Goodness!
I hope to love Thee for all eternity, O eternal God!
Thou art omnipotent; make me a Saint.
Thou didst seek me while I was flying from Thee; Thou wilt not drive me away now that I seek after Thee.
I thank Thee for giving me time to love Thee. I thank Thee, and love Thee!
Let me give myself entirely to Thee this day, punish me in any way, but deprive me not of the power of loving Thee.
I will love Thee, my God, without reserve.
I accept all sufferings and all contempt, provided I may love Thee.
I desire to die for Thee, Who didst die for me.
I wish that all could love Thee, Who didst die for me.
I wish that all could love Thee as Thou meritest.
I wish to do everything that I know to be Thy pleasure.
I care more to please Thee than for all the pleasures of the world.
O holy will of God, Thou art my love! O Mary, draw me entirely to God!
O my Mother, make me always have recourse to thee; it is for thee to make me a Saint; this is my hope.