1. The voice of Jesus.-----My Heart, Child, which lives in the Sacrament, is the heart of My Church, which is My mystical Body.

This, My Body, is a living one, endowed with a soul. That soul is the principle of the supernatural life, which the Body lives.

This principle of life proceeds from My Divine Heart: for out of My Heart the Church was made;-----which is evidently to be understood, not of the members, not of the Body, but of the soul.

Many members, indeed, but one Body, which, by the Divine principle, My Heart animates, and fosters, that My life may be made manifest in the Body.

The Church, therefore, consisting of a Body, which is its human element, and a soul, which is the Divine element, subsists as a moral individuality in the oneness of person, and in the participation of the human and Divine nature.

As the vine, by its influence, communicates the life-giving sap to the branches when properly disposed, so do I, to the properly disposed members of the Church, communicate the Divine principle of Life.

And as the vine and the branches are one, so am I and the Church, in a manner, one.

Truly, then, am I and the Church intimately united, not only by a moral, but also by a substantial union; not by a sensible, but a spiritual union; not by an hypostatic, but nevertheless by a personal union, in this sense, that I am so united to the Church, that she constitutes with Me one moral personality, receiving from Me her principal part, her soul, the Divine principle of supernatural Life, and having, at the same time, members, each of them personalities, in another respect, which subsist by and for themselves, truly distinct and merely human personalities.

2. Thus united to Me, thus animated by a divine principle, the Church lives, in some manner, a Divine Life, a supernatural Life, a Life of merits worthy of everlasting beatitude.

Nay more, it is from the same source that man is enabled to begin to be a member of the Church, when, in Baptism, he is regenerated by the water and the Spirit of My Heart, as the Scripture says: We were all Baptized into one body, whether Jews or Gentiles, whether bondmen or free.

For this did the water flow from My opened Side, the symbol of Baptism, which is the laver of regeneration.

By the same principle, likewise, are the members of the Church intimately united. The faithful are, indeed, gently and happily bound together among themselves by many links; but in the Sacrament of the love of My Heart, they become, as it were, incorporated with Me and endowed with My Spirit, and thus they become incomparably more closely, more sweetly, and more perfectly united together.

And this is the mystery of love, whereof the Apostle speaks, when he says: Although many, we are one body, who partake of one Bread. One body and one spirit.

What wonder, then, if the faithful should possess but one heart, My Heart, of Whose fullness all receive the Spirit of Life?

For, as in the natural body the blood, with its life-giving power, starts from the heart, and diffuses itself through all, even the most remote and the least, parts which present no obstruction; so the principle of the supernatural Life proceeds from My Heart, and is imparted to all, and every one of the members of My mystical Body, that present no obstacle.

3. By this Divine power not only does the Church live, but at the same time that her members are intimately united, by this she is nourished, endowed with vigor, and preserved in the perpetual bloom of youth.

Yea, if any member is weak, or even, by the abuse of his free will, has hindered or cast aside My life-giving influence and communication, so as to become supernaturally dead; so long as he cleaves to the Body of the Church, he can recover life itself and supernatural health from My Heart, if, by the Sacrament of Penance, he cleanses himself in the bath of the life-restoring and purifying Blood of My Heart, and thus removes the obstacle or hindrance.

But the living members of the Church, as they are animated by My Spirit, as they are constantly nourished by the influence of My Heart, as, lastly, they abide in Me and I in them, bring forth much fruit, true and permanent fruit, fruit of life everlasting.

All false religions and sects,-----as they neither do nor can receive Life from My Divine Heart,-----since they are altogether cut off from My mystical Body,-----are soulless beings, destitute of the principle of the supernatural Life; and, therefore, they cannot bear genuine and saving fruit. For, as the branch of the vine cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abide in the vine, so neither can men, unless they abide in Me.

Do not then wonder, if the sects and false religions, like branches lopped off, wither, decay, and finally perish altogether.

4. If these things, whereby the Church thus lives, flourishes, and brings forth fruit, are marvelous and sweet, still more wonderful and sweeter far are those other favors which I impart to her, and whereby she has a resemblance to Myself.
For, whatsoever I have by nature, the Church according to her capacity, has of Me by grace.

And, since I, who am the Holy One, animate the Church with the Divine principle of Life, and have her so united to Me, that we are, as it were, one, she is necessarily holy, not only outwardly, by her origin, by her end, and the means she employs to attain to eternal bliss, but also inwardly, by her very soul, wherein, properly. speaking, holiness resides.

By the perpetual union and influence of My Heart, I perfect her in holiness, that I may exhibit her as a Church, glorious, without blemish, or wrinkle, or aught of the kind.

I cannot err: therefore neither can the Church. Should she err, I Myself should err: but I am the infallible truth, whence also she herself is infallible.

The words which the Father gave Me, I gave to her: and I unfolded their meaning, that, under the guidance of My Holy Spirit, she might understand and keep them.
The Church, which is My Body, dies not, because I die no more; but so she remains, until I come, in glory, at the end of the world.

I Jesus yesterday, and today: the same also forever: and, therefore, My Heart, which vivifies and preserves the Church, nurses and fills her with vigor, sanctifies her by Its holiness, and consolidates her by Its truth; endows her also with Its Own perpetual Life, and imparts to her a bright immortality.

5. Learn hence, My Child, how worthy of thy veneration, how worthy of thy love is the Church, who is so intimately united to Me, and represents My Own Self so completely, that she may justly say: He that sees Me, sees also Christ.

Be glad, Child, rejoice with all thy heart, because thou art a member of this My mystical Body, than which there is naught seen on earth more beauteous, more noble, more marvelous.

If thou lovest Me, love also My Church, for which I gave Myself up, and than which, of all the things that are made, in heaven and in earth, there is nothing dearer to My Heart.

Above all, in the most Holy Sacrament of My love, thou wilt be more closely united in Me to the Church, and there wilt thou better learn of My Heart her spirit.

Whosoever wishes to know the spirit of the Church, must learn the Spirit of My Heart; because the Spirit of both is one and the same.

The Church must be considered in the same spirit wherewith she is animated: and the manner of acting must be viewed, not in a worldly sense, but in that spiritual sense by which she is moved when acting.

O! if all knew the sentiments of the Church-----which far surpass the sentiments of the best of mothers, since hers are the very sentiments of My Heart;-----how fondly would they love the Church! how completely would they approve all her works!
Do thou pray, My Child, that all may know and love the Church, that they may be worthy members of this Body, animated with the Spirit of Life: members by whom I may be honored and glorified.

Do thou pray, much and frequently, that all may be invigorated with the sentiments of My Heart and increase throughout therein, until they all meet into a perfect Body, and be joined in fellowship with the Angels and Saints, who, in heaven, are confirmed in union with My Heart.

6. Meanwhile, My Child, have a special care, that thou abide in Me, not by faith, hope, and charity alone, but also by means of the Sacrament, by a perfect union.

This is the one, the necessary thing for thee, that thou be united with Me. From this union arise for thee life, and vigor, and perfection, and holiness.

The more closely thou art united with Me, and the better disposed thou keepest thyself, the more copious streams of graces, and supernal blessings, thou wilt draw upon thyself from My Heart, at all times, indeed, but, chiefly, in holy Communion.

Hence thou wilt bear much fruit of holiness whereby thou wilt show forth the Divine power of My Heart, and promote Its true glory.

7. The voice of the Disciple.-----O Lord, our God! how wonderful, how lovely is Thy Heart! Who should not be astonished at the depth of the mysteries of Its power! who should not be moved by the boundless tokens of Its love!

The taking upon Thyself of our nature, was indeed a great and marvelous work of Thy love; but O, how much greater, how much more marvelous was the giving of Thyself in the Sacrament!

In the Incarnation Thou didst assume our humanity: but in the Communion Thou bountifully givest us Thy Own Divinity, and grantest us Thy Own Humanity.

By assuming our nature, Thou didst come down to us, and live a mortal life; but, by communicating Thyself to us in the Sacrament, Thou raisest us up to Thyself, and impartest to us a Divine Life.

When Thou becamest man, Thou didst redeem and gather us together: by becoming the food of our life, Thou unitest us to Thyself, that we may be perfected in Thee and through Thee.

O Lord! how prodigious, how delightful is the love of Thy Heart for us, for whom Thou workest such mighty things! Would that all might know and love these wonders so stupendous, so deserving of love!

 Would that I possessed the hearts of all, that I might consecrate them to Thy love.

8. O Jesus, the life and delight of my soul! how unutterable is the love wherewith Thou didst love me!

For, how great a condescension of Thy love was it, that, by nature, Thou didst create me in Thy image! But how incomparably greater was that love whereby, through grace, Thou didst raise me to Thy likeness! What shall I say, what shall I think of that, whereby Thou didst elevate me to an intimate union with Thyself! Who am I, and Who art Thou, that Thou dealest in this manner with me!

O love incomprehensible! O most sweet Jesus, lovely above all things lovely! How shall I not die, if I love thee not! how shall I live, if I live not for Thee!

O Lord, the principle, the support, the end of my life! grant, I beseech, Thee, grant that I may live united with Thee, that I may live through Thee, that I may live for Thee, to the glory and joy of Thy Heart, whereby Thou effectest such marvelous, such delightful things.

[The things whereof the author speaks in this Chapter are very useful and consoling. But, although there is nothing in them which cannot be understood, yet it may be of use to give some explanation, and to develop that which, in the matter here treated, may be asserted upon theological grounds.

The Head of the mystical Body of Christ, or of the Church, is Christ; its members are the faithful. But between the Head and the members, as the author concisely says, there exists a union:

1. Substantial, not simply moral, such as exists, for example, between the head and the citizens of a commonwealth.
2. Spiritual, in this sense, that it is not a physical union, namely, effected by a cohesion or a mingling of the material parts or molecules, except during the time that the sacred species of the Eucharist continue in a person. But it is, on this account, no less a substantial union; for the cohesion and mingling of material entities is in the end nothing but accident. It is in this union, of which we are speaking, that the Spirit of Christ informs the living members.
3. Personal, in some manner. For this whole mystical Body forms one person. And Christ, as the Head, gives that which is the principal in this personality. He, indeed, is not the whole and sole person, since the person is effected by the whole subject, for which the members all are to be taken into account; but He is that whence the members have spiritual life. and whereby they are informed and governed. This, however, is not an hypostatic union, which is also called personal. For, in the hypostatic union, the Person of the Word so assumed the human nature, that in this nature, in no respect any personality obtains, and that there is in every respect only one Person, that of the Word; but in the union of which we are speaking, every member is already an object or person; not, indeed, in as much as he is a member of Christ's mystical Body, but in as much as this member can, in another respect, exist for himself, and can be the principle which, as the Schoolmen say, of actions. But the human nature in Christ is only the principle by which of actions, and can be, in no respect, the principle which of the same: therefore, this union is hypostatic and personal. On the other hand, the members of Christ's mystical Body are, indeed, the principle by which of actions, for as much as they are considered as members of the mystical Body; but they can exist and be considered as so many principles which of actions, for as much as they are considered single or individual subjects. Hence it is quite manifest that the hypostatic union is greater, more intimate, and more admirable than the one of which we speak..
We are, however, truly members of Christ, and we can be said to be: "Flesh of His Flesh" (according to St. Paul), just as the soul, which is the principal in man, can say of the members of her body: This is my member; I inform such and such other member: whence it is truly her member. Whence also Christ calls us rightly His true members, His flesh, etc.
That which principally constitutes or unites this mystical Body, according to some, is the Holy Eucharist. According to this, they deem, that these words of Christ are explained best and in the most obvious meaning: "Unless ye eat the Flesh of the Son of man ... ye shall not have life in you." And those others: "He that eats My Flesh ... abides in Me and I in him."
The life of which there is here treated, whereby Christ informs the members of His mystical Body, is not animal life, as is plain, but supernatural life, as the author says. Whence such members as are corrupted by mortal sin, are indeed members of this mystical Body, but dried up and dead; and, if they do not return to life, to be one day wholly cut off from the Body. (P. J. A. Cens.)]


1. The voice of Jesus.-----My Child, I am established Head over the whole Church, the glorious part whereof triumphs with Me in Heaven.

This part, this Church Triumphant, to which the rest will one day exultantly ascend, is the society of all the Angels and Saints, illustrious for victories, crowned with laurels everlasting, wholly and immutably devoted to My glory and love, by far the most pleasing and most dear to My Heart.

What wonder, then, if My Heart was carried away with this glorious portion into the land of the living, into the kingdom of everduring bliss?

But behold! at the same time, by a prodigy of love, It was retained in the Sacrament with the Church Militant.

In this manner, therefore, It is present with both, and joining both by Itself and in Itself, It makes the two one.

2. Both have in Me the same victim: the Triumphant, indeed, has the Lamb standing as if slain, a victim which is not now immolated, but, being immolated formerly, is adored: and the Church Militant possesses the same Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, a continued Sacrifice, which is offered in every place-----a clean Oblation.

Both, likewise, use the same table: the one, in Heaven, is filled without mystery with the Bread of Angels, for which, as they eat thereof, they are ever longing, and wherewith they are at the same time, ever satiated: the other, on earth, enjoys the same food, under the veil of mystery, in a manner adapted to her present condition.

Lastly, both are refreshed at the same fountain: for the one that reigns above, is inebriated with perpetual delights, from the torrent of Divine pleasure, springing up from My Heart into everlasting life: the other, that struggles here below, draws, with gladness, from the same gushing spring, the waters of grace, of consolation, and of blessedness.

3. Making, in this manner, both parts one, My Heart brings it to pass, in the sacred Tabernacle, that there exists between them a continued and never-ceasing communication and fellowship.

For, wherever I am in the most Holy Sacrament, the Angels are continually descending from Heaven, to minister to Me, to adore, to love, to praise Me.

And astonished at the love that forces Me, so marvelously and so gently, to abide with men, they, as in Heaven before the throne of My glory, so upon earth before the Sacrament of My love, with unceasing voice cry out: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Omnipotent! all the earth is full of Thy glory.

And when they depart, behold! they mount up into heaven, having golden vials, full of odors, which are the prayers of the Saints,-----of the faithful worshiping Me in spirit, with truth and holiness: these they offer up before the throne of the Divine Majesty, and expose the wants of their companions, who are combating upon earth.

At the intercession of the Angels and Saints, and at My Heart's Own desire, mercy and grace descend to console and refresh mortals, and fill them with gladness from above.

And thus, Child, whilst the inhabitants of Heaven fully enjoy everlasting bliss, the faithful here are unceasingly being prepared by the most Holy Sacrament for the same blessedness: and they that are prepared are constantly entering the heavenly tabernacles.

4. Therefore, in My Heart is the Church, the one in Heaven as well as the one upon earth, united. Itself is the principle, by which the whole becomes one, and the parts have a mutual and continual intercourse.

For it pleased Me to join together therein all things, whether in Heaven or on earth; so that all, being rooted and strengthened in the same, may abound through My Heart.

It was necessary that this should be done, My Child: for, unless I had liberally bestowed the grace of My Heart, that men, fortified, yea, elevated thereby, might attain to the heavenly fellowship, they could never, by the powers of their own nature, have reached that supernatural beatitude.

In this manner, then, didst thou draw nigh to the City of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to the fellowship of many thousands of Angels, and to the Church of the first-born, who are written in the heavens.

5. Admire thou, My Child, these sublime dispensations: revere these mysteries of love: take advantage, for the advancement of thy soul, of so great a goodness of My Heart, which grants thee, although a weak mortal, to hold intimate communion with the Saints and Angels, and from the same treasure with them to draw forth blissfulness.

See, how the Church Militant, enraptured with this love of My Heart, vies, by her praises and manifestations of gratefulness, to emulate the Church Triumphant.

For, as the Church in Heaven has no rest, but without end praises Me, forever glorifies Me: so the Church on earth ceases not to honor, to celebrate Me.

Let not thy sentiments, My Child, be different from the sentiments of the Church, thy Mother: but have thou the same sentiments that she entertains. When thou appearest before My beloved Tabernacle, expand thy heart, give thyself up to devotion, give glory to the Lord thy God.

Unite thyself with the Church Militant; join thyself also to the Church Triumphant: thus, associated with the faithful, and with the Spirits above, praise thy Saviour-God with the joyful exultation of mouth and heart.

Fall prostrate with veneration, adore, entreat, enjoy My presence.

6. The voice of the Disciple-----O most loving Jesus! how admirable is the love of Thy Heart, whereby, to cheer and console me on earth, Thou didst cause me, in some manner, to enjoy here below the bliss and companionship of Heaven!

Thus, O love inconprehensible! thus Thou didst soothe, in a wonderful way, the bitterness of my banishment; yea, didst change it into heavenly sweetness.

And should I not love Thee after this? should I not praise Thee? should not Thy love be ever in my heart, Thy praise upon my lips?

Yea, I will love, I will praise Thee, O Lord: I will love and praise Thee as much as I can, and I wish that I were able as much as I ought.

I invite Heaven and earth to join me in loving and praising Thee.

Enravished with love for Thee, let the Angels and Saints, all the just and the faithful praise Thee in the most sweet Sacrament! Let the Triumphant together with the Militant Church, cause Heaven and earth to resound with hymns of love and praise!

Nay, let all things created, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate, that do Thy bidding, not cease day nor night to praise and glorify Thee, because Thou art worthy of every praise, of every glory, world without end .

7. O Thou most charming of friends, Jesus, Thou the bliss of all the Angels and Saints! Where on earth shall I seek for happiness, if I do not seek for it here!

Here I become the companion of the Saints, here I dwell in the midst of Angels, here I find the very delights of Heaven.

O ineffable goodness! O infinite sweetness! Thou who drawest to thyself from above the heavenly Spirits, draw me also unto Thee; that here I may rest, here, amid the Angels, gaze upon Thee, adore Thee, praise Thee, supplicate Thee.

Whenever I am elsewhere detained, O do Thou draw hither my heart and mind; that, in spirit at least, I may be here with Thee; that, by frequent thought and affection, I may converse with Thee, may be occupied with Thee.

What can I desire better or sweeter in this world than here to enjoy Thee? Here is the new earthly Paradise, where I long and resolve to live, until I am transported hence into Thy heavenly kingdom, and triumph forever with the Angels and Saints. 


1. The voice of Jesus.-----My Child, none shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, the Church Triumphant, unless he js holy, stainless. For nothing defiled shall enter therein.

Whosoever leaves this world, defiled with sin which may be forgiven in the world to come, shall be saved, yet so as by fire.

In this fire, My Child, is the Suffering Church, a multitude of souls, that formerly, beneath My standard, fought for My sake against the flesh, the world, and the devil, but in the battle were, in one way or another, wanting in their duty, and, during life, did not repair their shortcomings.
They suffer, My Child, and the more vehemently, since, as they now understand things more fully, they also long the more ardently to be with Me in the triumph of the heavenly kingdom.

Relying on this certain hope of bliss, they experience on this very account more violent sufferings: for hope delayed afflicts the soul.

And, although the soul is glad to be there cleansed, and would not go thence uncleansed, she, however, finds no rest, but, impelled by an excessive longing, she cries out: When shall I come, oh when shall I come and appear before the face of my God!

2. These souls I cherish, My Child, because in life they loved Me, and did not unto the end leave My standard.

Their names are written in the Book of Life, and their rewards are safely laid up in My Heart.

Meanwhile, the grace of My Heart informs them, the virtue of My Heart relieves them, the boundless love of My Heart comforts them.

Thus, through My Heart, is the Church Suffering vivified, as well as the Church Militant, and the Triumphant: and in My Heart these three are one.

Animated by the supernatural life of My Heart, the one that is glorified in Heaven, the one that is being cleansed in Purgatory, the one that combats upon earth, all concur in one and the same end, which is lasting triumph for the unending glory of the Divine Majesty.

3. And, since all receive life out of My Heart, and return the fruit of this life to My Heart, all good things become common among them in My Heart; the charity whereof, penetrating into Heaven, the earth, and Purgatory, distributes them to all the members, to the advantage of each and all.

But as the souls in Purgatory can no longer gain any merit for themselves, and cannot be assisted by men, except through their suffrages, My Heart drew out of Its love a means to help them in the most bountiful manner.

For It willed that the Eucharistic Sacrifice should be applicable to them, in view whereof, the Divine Majesty either sets them free, or, certainly, shortens or lessens their sufferings.

It is, then, owing to My Heart that those souls are in this manner relieved and purified by the virtue of My Blood, which is applied to them through the Holy Sacrifice.

Thus, My Child, Purgatory is emptied, Heaven filled; and to those sojourning on earth the sweetest consolation is given, in regard to them that have departed this life.

 4. Behold, therefore, how beautiful is the whole Church, all the parts whereof are perpetually communicating with each other in My Heart.

The Militant part, adorned with the victories already obtained, and marching onward in pursuit of new ones, rejoices with those that rejoice in the triumphant, and weeps with them that weep in the suffering Church.

Love, compassion, joy, prayers are ever passing to and fro through every part.

Rejoice, My Child, that thou art not of the number of them that have no hope beyond the tomb, but of those whom,-----united as they are in My Heart,-----neither the distance of places, nor the empire of death can separate.

  5. Take to thyself the Spirit of My Heart: as often as thou art present at the most Holy Sacrifice, humbly remember the faithful departed: for whilst the sacred and adorable Victim lies before thee, it is especially a wholesome thought, a most religious practice, to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.

In the same Spirit also, if thou gainest any indulgence, which may be beneficial to them, apply the same for their relief and consolation.

And when thou art united to Me in Holy Communion, then, above all, do thou commend to My Heart those whom thou didst hold dear in this world, as well as the rest, for whom it is proper that thou shouldst pray.

Call to mind, Child, with how great a feeling of gratefulness and love, these souls will endeavor to repay thee, whom, by thy prayers and suffrages, thou didst introduce into heavenly bliss.

This devotion, this charity toward the souls suffering in Purgatory, is a peculiar characteristic of the Disciples of My Heart; who, after Its example, transcend the bounds of this world, and whomsoever they find capable of being helped, they comfort by their charity.

6. The voice of the Disciple.-----O most sweet Jesus! what a Heart is Thine! how admirable! how bountiful!

For, behold! in Thy Heart, I find even those whom I had lost out of this life; and I am once more united with them, whom in this life I cherished.

Here I hold with them an intercourse full of sweetness: here I can solace both them and myself.

Making use with thankfulness of this most consoling means, through Thy very Heart, I present to Thee, for the relief of the souls of the faithful departed, the fruit of every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass wheresoever offered.

And, in union therewith, I offer up whatsoever good works, through Thy holy grace, I do possess. that Thou mayst deign to wash away all the defilements of those souls, and thus make them worthy of the fellowship of the Church Triumphant.

I also offer to Thee my prayer:; and supplications, especially for my departed parents, brothers, sisters, friends; for all, in fine, who have done good to me, whether in things temporal or spiritual.

Those souls also do I specially commend, of whose sufferings I may, in any manner, have been the cause.

But particularly do I pray for those departed, who, in the present life, have been devoted Disciples of Thy most Sacred Heart.

Finally, I do humbly entreat Thee for them all; that, released from sufferings, they may enter into everlasting joys, 'and there be mindful of me.

7. O Jesus, Thou who consolest all Thine, and renewest all things! when I am here with Thee before Thy sacred Tabernacle, the world of sense seems to vanish away: for here the spiritual world is thrown open to me: and oh! how vast, how marvelous! with what mighty and countless wonders does it appear filled!

Here I hold communion with the Church Triumphant in Heaven, and with the Church that is purified in Purgatory: here I converse, in freedom and holiness, with the Angels and all the inhabitants of Heaven: here I deal with my kindred and friends who dwell in the invisible world.

And to whom am I indebted for all this, if not to Thy Heart? Here, therefore, here is the place of my choice, the place of peace and repose, the place of joy and consolation.

O how good it is for me to be here, most bountiful Jesus, source of every good! Let others go whither they prefer; let them be entertained by the objects wherein they delight: I, so often as Thy Will may grant it to me, I will constantly repair hither; here will I entertain myself with Thine Own; here will I treat with Thee, heart to Heart, in the plenitude of thy sweetness.


1. The voice of the Disciple.-----If the works of Thy Sacred Heart, Lord Jesus, in regard to every portion of Thy Church, are so wonderful, so sublime, of which kind, I pray, are Its occupations with respect to Thy Father, by Whom Thou art  loved infinitely, and whom Thou also lovest infinitely?

These, indeed, are mysteries so great, that, were anyone, in order to unfold them. to speak the language of men and Angels, he should still be as a child that knows not how to speak.

Yea, Lord, these are secrets which it is not given to man to utter.

Do Thou Thyself, therefore, reveal them to us, so much as Thou knowest them to be useful for Thy glory and our good; that we may be enabled to worship and love Thee worthily in Thy most Holy Sacrament.

2. The voice of Jesus.-----Listen reverently, My Child, attend religiously: and I will unfold to thee the Divine secrets.

Here, in My innermost retreat, in the light uncreated, I contemplate, with Heart enraptured, the Divine Essence, and am infinitely delighted in Its perfections.

Hence, My Heart is inundated with unutterable joys: and It is now the more abundantly and the more delightfully overflowed with these, the more It was, during Its mortal life, filled with bitterness.

Amid these splendors, amid these Divine ecstasies, the Father is in Me and I in the Father; and, without the sound of words, the Father speaks to Me and I to Him.

Here the Father communicates to Me the eternal counsels of His Wisdom, the decrees of His supreme Omnipotence, the most lovely good pleasure of His Goodness.

These My Heart embraces in return, and finds Its pleasure therein.

3. For My Heart loves the Father supremely, and with such a love for Him does It burn, that It never grows cool, nor loses aught of Its ardor.

Behold, My Child, a love with which no other heart can love the Father, since every other heart is only referred and united to Him as the heart of a son, not by nature, as is My Heart, but solely by adoption.

In this, then, My Heart is alone and unrivaled.

Therefore, also, the Father is delighted, above the love of all the Saints and Angels, with the love of My Heart, because it is the love of the Heart of His Only-begotten Son.

4. As I am the Son of God the Father, and as all things which the Father has are Mine, I enjoy them all, I use them all in the Holy Spirit.

Whatsoever things the Father does, these I also do: I create, preserve, perfect all the same things with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

But as the Son of Man, I, in some manner, annihilate Myself before the presence of the Father, and pour forth, before Him, perpetual adorations.

Here I worship His Divine Wisdom, Goodness, Power, and other perfections, in such a manner that neither the Cherubim, nor Seraphim, nor any other created beings can so glorify the same.

5. But, whilst, in this mystical and sublime solitude of the Divine Sacrament, I am thus alone treating with the Father in the Holy Spirit, My Heart is not unfaithful, so as to forget the work of Its predilection among the children of men.

For them My Heart does unceasingly offer to the Father Its manifold and stupendous sacrifices.

If any there are infirm or drooping in spirit, or dead, here It prays for them with unspeakable groanings.

And It pours Itself out, with all Its affections before the Father, that he who is just, may be justified still, and he that is holy may be still sanctified.

Nor do I cease with My Heart to offer prayers and supplications for all, whom I am not ashamed to call brethren before the Father:

Saying, that all may be one; as Thou, Father, in Me, and I in Thee, so they also may be one in Us.

I in them and Thou in Me; that they may be made perfect in one: that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me, and hast loved them, as Thou also hast loved Me.

I pray not that thou wouldst take them out of the world, but that Thou wouldst keep them from evil. Sanctify them in the truth.

Father, I will that where I am, they also whom Thou hast given Me, may be with Me; that they may see My glory which Thou hast given Me.

6. Behold, My Child, the occupations in regard to the Father, which, here in the holy Tabernacle, My Heart uninterruptedly continues.

Do thou endeavor, when here thou appearest in My presence, to imitate these occupations of My Heart.

Raise thy heart above all sensible objects: and with the Church, thy Mother, who, as the symbol of her faith, keeps a constant light burning before the most Holy Sacrament, contemplate, by the light of Faith, thy God, thy Saviour, present to thee.

In silence, with deep reverence, and pious affection, meditate on all those things, wherewith My Heart is here employed.

Hither do thou frequently resort, My Child, here pour out thy heart: here do thou love: here delight in My Heart.

7. The voice of the Disciple.-----O how marvelous, O how Divine Thy occupations, my Jesus, in the sacred Tabernacle!

These, Lord, these, if they are pondered, if they are understood, teach that which neither books can show, nor talents make known.

O Divine solitude of Jesus in the Sacrament! here is the fountain of heavenly secrets: this is the school of contemplation, where souls are taught to rise above things sensible, to go to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost; to gaze upon the wonderful works of God, to pray with mind and heart; to speculate on things mystical and Divine.

The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, no sense has perceived-----by faith alone it is descried, by pure love it is tasted-----how great a felicity, how great a sweetness, how great an abundance of all good things lies here concealed.

Here, Lord Jesus, is the retreat, wherein, at rest Thyself, Thou puttest all things to rest; wherein Thou Thyself occupied, occupiest us; wherein, Holy Thyself, Thou sanctifiest us.

Here is the spot which the Angels surround: wherein pure souls long to make their abode.

Here, most sweet Jesus, here will I ever seek Thee; here, I implore Thee, let me deserve. in Thy light, to behold the light wherein Thou dwellest; to be occupied with Thee, to be delighted with the wonders which Thou workest with the Father, and the Holy Ghost; to be absorbed by the flood of Divine fire, which bursts forth from Thy Heart; in fine, to be transformed in Thee by love.

Bring me, I beseech Thee, into the very secrets of Thy Heart, and keep me with Thee in this Divine repose, where all merely human emotion ceases, where everything that moves, springs from the Godhead, and tends to the Godhead.

If I have found favor in Thy eyes, O Lord, give me admittance, I entreat Thee; unite me with Thee by the indissoluble bond of love; fill all my faculties within and without, that I may live of Thee and for Thee.