1. BEHOLD, O Lord Jesus, by a new favor of Thine, which Thou hast added to numberless others, I have accomplished, what, at death's door. I had vowed to Thy Heart: but Thou knowest how imperfectly I have performed it, Thou who art a perfect judge of Thy gifts, and a perfect witness of my ungratefulness. O Jesus, meek and humble of Heart! by that very goodness of Thy Heart, whereby Thou hast bestowed upon me unworthy, such blessings, I beg and implore Thee, do Thou vouchsafe to forgive all my shortcomings and my ingratitude.

2. Relying upon the known kindness of Thy Heart, I offer to Thee, O most benign Jesus, this debt of mine, this little work every way so imperfect; and I earnestly entreat Thee, to accept and bless the same, and to pour into it the holy unction of Thy Heart; that thus it may become a relishable and efficacious means of attracting hearts to Thee, of purifying them, of adorning them with Thy virtues, and of perfecting them by Thy sanctity, of uniting them with Thee, of consummating them in Thee, for Thy everlasting glory.

3. Prostrate before Thee, O Lord my God, I earnestly pray for all those that shall use this little work. I ask special and abundant graces for them that they may be truly Disciples and Apostles of Thy Heart, meek and humble of heart, and that before Thee they may remember me,-----who am not worthy to be called a Disciple, much less an Apostle of Thy Heart,-----that they may pray for me, so that I may save and sanctify my poor soul, through the Imitation of Thy most Sacred Heart.

4. This grace, O Lord Jesus, I myself do urgently request. For, of what avail is it to know, that Thou art meek and humble of Heart, if I myself am not meek and humble of heart? Of what use is it to point out to others the easy and certain path of salvation and holiness, if I myself become a castaway?

5. Wherefore, most loving and most lovely Jesus! I pray and beseech Thee, by the Immaculate Heart of Thy Virgin Mother, and by Thy own Heart, crown Thou Thy gifts so gratuitously, so sweetly bestowed upon me. Grant me this choice gift that, united with Thee by the bond of love, I may never be separated from Thee: give me this perfect gift, that I may love Thee perseveringly; love Thee with that purity, with which the holy virgins love Thee; with that fidelity, with which the holy Confessors love Thee; with that fervor, with which the Martyrs love Thee; with that zeal, with which the Apostles love Thee; finally, with that love, with which the Angels love Thee; that I may repay its every love to the love of Thy Heart; that, in every way, may atone for the insults ever offered to Thy Heart, that, having perfectly put on the sentiments of Thy heart, I may live out of sole love for Thee, until I be admitted into the endless kingdom of Thy love. Amen.