MOST merciful Father, behold me, Thy prodigal child, who sinned against Thee by squandering away the spiritual goods with which Thou hadst enriched me. Reject me not, but remember Thy mercy, and exercise it towards my soul, unworthy as it is. Permit it not to perish before Thy eyes after Thy sacred Heart has suffered so great pain to bring it to life.

Grant, O Sacred Heart, that I know and avoid everything that might offend Thee. Remove from me, I beseech Thee, everything that might be an obstacle to Thy love; for I detest and abhor whatever prevents me from loving and serving Thee perfectly.

(Examination of conscience.)


MOST sacred and adorable Heart of Jesus! humbly and with contrite heart I prostrate myself before Thee, bitterly bewailing that I was remiss in Thy love and have offended Thee by my ingratitude and unfaithfulness, thereby becoming unworthy of the manifestations of Thy love. Filled with confusion and fear, I can but say, "I have sinned against Thee, I have sinned!"

Most amiable and Divine Heart, have mercy on me, though I do not deserve mercy. Reject me not, but reveal, rather, I beseech Thee, the excess of Thy mercy by granting me, a poor sinner, who appears before Thee in the abyss of his nothingness and misery, pardon for my sins.


O DIVINE REDEEMER! humbly prostrate at the foot of Thy Cross, I call upon Thee to incline Thy Sacred Heart to pardon me.
Jesus, misjudged and despised-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, calumniated and persecuted
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, abandoned by men and tempted in the desert
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, betrayed and sold
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, insulted, accused, and unjustly condemned
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, clothed in a robe of ignominy and contempt
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, mocked and scoffed at
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, bound with cords and led through the streets
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, treated as a fool and classed with malefactors
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, cruelly scourged
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, held inferior to Barabbas
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, despoiled of Thy garments
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, crowned with thorns and reviled
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, bearing the Cross amid the maledictions of the people
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, bowed down by ignominies, pain, and humiliations
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, crucified between thieves
-----have mercy on me!
Jesus, dying for my sins amid all kinds of suffering
-----have mercy on me!

SACRED HEART of Jesus, my Redeemer! exercise, I beseech Thee, Thy office of mediator with me, and permit not that Thy sufferings and cruel death be in vain for my salvation, but let them bring forth, for Thy glory, fruits of salvation in me, that my heart may love, praise, and glorify Thee for ever and ever. Amen.


GRANT pardon, O Sacred Heart, grant pardon to this my sorrowful heart, that places all its confidence and hope in Thee. Do Thou now take my case in hand, and absolve me of my sins and of the punishment due to them. Do Thou, my true Friend, defend me and satisfy the judgment against me.

O Sacred Heart, be my refuge and help now and at the hour of my death.



O HEART most mild! how thankful must I be to Thee for having borne with my ingratitude so long! At an auspicious moment has my poor, inconstant heart experienced Thy merciful pardon. O Sacred Heart of Jesus! I now give and bequeath to Thee irrevocably, but filled with confusion for having so long withheld from Thee Thine Own, my heart and my love. O Sacred Heart! Thou didst deign to give me a proof of Thine infinite love by giving me opportunity to serve Thee, but how little did I improve it! What confusion for me! Amend my faithless heart, O Heart of Jesus, and grant that henceforth it join its love to Thine, and draw near to Thee in future as in the past it withdrew from Thee. And as Thou hast given it its being, I fervently implore Thee to call it one day to life everlasting. Amen.

(Now perform your penance, if possible. )


O LORD, I elect Thy Sacred Heart my abiding-place. May it be my strength in combat, my support in weakness, my light and guide in darkness; may it supply for my defects and sanctify all my intentions and actions. In union with Thine Own I offer them up that I may be prepared to receive Thee.

Strengthen and support, O most sacred Heart, the purpose and desire of loving and serving Thee with which Thou didst inspire me, and grant that I perform all the good that according to Thy will I should.

Be Thou, O God, my strength; do Thou support and defend me, for I am and intend to be forever Thine.


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