Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1941

------Book 1------

HE is a vain man that putteth his hope in man, or in things created.

Be not ashamed to wait on others for the love of Jesus Christ, and to be looked upon as poor in this world.

Depend not upon thyself, but place thy hope in God.

Do what thou canst, and God will be with thy good will.
Trust not in thine own knowledge, nor in the cunning of any man living, but rather in the grace of God, Who helpeth the humble, and humbleth them that presume upon themselves.

2. Glory not in riches, if thou have them, nor in friends, because they are powerful, but in God, Who giveth all things, and desireth to give Himself above all things.

Boast not thyself of thy stature or beauty of body, which with a little sickness is spoiled and disfigured.

Be not proud of thine abilities or thy talents, lest thou offend God, to Whom appertaineth whatever good thou mayst naturally have.

3. Esteem not thyself better than others, lest, perhaps, thou be accounted worse in the sight of God, Who knoweth what is in man.

Be not proud of thine own good works; for the judgments of God are other than those of men; and what pleaseth men oftentimes displeaseth Him.

If thou have any good in thee, believe still better things of others; that thou mayest preserve humility.

It will do thee no harm to put thyself below everybody, but it will hurt thee very much to put thyself before anyone.
Continual peace dwelleth with the humble; but in the heart of the proud is frequent envy and indignation.


DEPEND only upon God, Whom nothing can move, on Whom alone thou ought to rely; for nothing is weaker, more uncertain, and more inconstant than man, who is made up of error, malice, and lies. Hope all things of God, and nothing from thyself, nor from others. Do not glory in thy good works or ability, but in all things, and by all things, give glory to God, to Whom alone glory is due.


AS, O Jesus, Thou hatest and despisest those who, through a secret self-complacency, exalt themselves before Thee, but lovest and honorest those who attribute nothing to themselves but evil, and refer all good to Thee, impart to us, we beseech Thee, interior humility of heart, which brings us nigh to Thee, and makes us worthy of Thy love; heal the pride and vanity of our high and haughty minds, which remove us to a distance from Thee, and excite Thy hatred against us; and make our hearts humble, submissive, and docile to Thy holy will, that so we may bring down Thy mercies upon us. Amen.

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