December 3, 2002

By now we are all too familiar with the Christmas "tradition" of the ACLU's filing lawsuits in the attempt to remove all signs of Christ from the public square. To date it has succeeded in establishing that the Jews may have their religious Hanukkah symbol, the Menorah, but that Christians can only have a Santa or a tree, not religious symbols for Christmas. Nativity scenes have been verboten. This year is no different except that the annual sordid affair has been "kicked up a notch" or two as a well known chef is wont to say.

Not only has the far left wing organization filed a suit to have a Missouri parish remove its Nativity scene [totally bizarre] but a self-named Catholic in the media, Bill O'Reilly, has unwittingly joined the ACLU's efforts. It goes like this:

The ACLU [rightly] claims that Christmas is a religious holiday and that government may not endorse such a holiday as the ACLU considers this "imposition of religion." O'Reilly, of the pornography pusher, Rupert Murdoch's empire, FOX News Channel to be specific, has weighed in to declare that Christmas is not a religious holiday but a secular one; that Christ is a philosopher and that the holiday honors Him as a philosopher and not a deity.

Imagine this! I do not know where O'Reilly received his Catholic education, but this is blasphemy! I give the ACLU credit, at least it knows religion when it sees it, unlike "the Factor" who does not even seem to know pornography when he sees it, let alone religion. Only Christ the Savior King can save us, not a secular philosopher. The ACLU knows this, which makes them "more Catholic" in their thinking than this particular Catholic. While the ACLU may be out of line in their reasoning of the application of the First Amendment, at least they are consistent about Christ. 

Now if only some organization could have standing to sue O'Reilly for blasphemy! In the USA blasphemy is protected, Christians less so. Only in Amerika! And Muslim countries, of course, like Saudi Arabia, except blasphemy, by its definition, is not protected there either. "God bless America," they say; if only America could "bless" God. This year we are more in need of the Infant Savior than ever! Pray for the conversion of Bill O'Reilly ... and for ourselves, if we are still sending Christmas cards with Santas and elves.  


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