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How to Offer the Precious Blood To the Eternal Father

One of the best means of participating in the graces and blessings of the Precious Blood is to offer it to the Eternal Father. "An offering," says Father Faber, is "more than a prayer." In prayer, we are the recipients, but when we make an offering, God deigns to accept something from us. St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi exclaimed on one occasion when in ecstasy: "Every time a creature offers up this Blood by which he was redeemed, he offers a gift of infinite worth, which can be equaled by no other!" God revealed to this sainted Carmelite nun the practice of making this offering when He complained to her that so little effort is made in this world to disarm His Divine justice against sinners. Acting upon this admonition, she daily offered the Precious Blood fifty times for the living and the dead. She did this with so much fervor that God showed her on different occasions the numerous souls whose conversion she had brought about in this manner and all the Poor Souls she had delivered from Purgatory. "This devotion," says Longius, "is pleasing to God, because He is thereby honored by the best and the most sublime gifts."

Another time when St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi was in ecstasy, she saw all the holy patrons of the city of Florence, accompanied by innumerable other Saints, before the throne of God, interceding for sinners, but their petitions remained unanswered. Then, the Guardian Angels of these poor sinners approached, but their prayers were not heard either. Next came the multitudes of the Blessed, and they made intercession for these guilty souls. While imploring God's mercy, they were intent at the same time to offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood, and on account of the merits of this Precious Blood, their petition was granted.

Should not these examples incite us to offer to God the Father the Precious Blood of Jesus frequently during the day?

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Jesus, in satisfaction for my sins, and for the needs of Holy Church.

By this short, efficacious prayer, an indulgence of five hundred days can be gained every time.* Many could make this offering whenever they hear the clock strike. And it is especially very efficacious when made during Mass.

In order to obtain special graces through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, let us ask the Blessed Virgin to offer it in our stead. This advice is given to us by many devout servants of God, in particular by St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, who says that this is the best method of prayer. Furthermore, he adds, "My children, mark this well: whenever I obtained some grace, it was obtained in this manner, which I never found to fail." In the life of St. Dominic we read that on one occasion when he was preaching about venerating Mary, he saw the Blessed Virgin sprinkling his devout hearers with the Blood of her Divine Son. Once while the Saint was celebrating Mass, three hundred persons, among them the king and queen, saw the Mother of God, at the Elevation of the Chalice, pouring the Precious Blood over all Who were present there and over the whole Church.

Let us in particular during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass beseech Mary to offer to the Eternal Father the Blood of her Son in the Chalice---for Holy Mother the Church, for the conversion of sinners, for the souls in Purgatory, and for all our various needs. We may enumerate them to her with full confidence, and the greater their number, the better is she pleased. What we offer to God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is of infinitely greater value than what we ask for. God remains our debtor, as it were, so great is the value of the Precious Blood.


* Partial indulgences are no longer linked to specific periods of time.---Publisher, 2008.