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Precious Blood Devotions

Morning Oblation

O merciful God, I most humbly beg a share in all the Masses that shall be offered and all the Holy Communions that shall be made, from the rising of the sun until the going down thereof, for myself and all those who are dear to me, for all who pray for me, for all who may have ever injured me, or whom I may have injured; for my dear parents, relatives and benefactors; for all who may be delayed in Purgatory through my fault; for the Holy Souls for whom Our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph desire help; for those in Purgatory who, during life, were especially devoted to the Adorable Sacrament, to the Precious Blood, to the Sacred Heart, or to the Bitter Passion and Death of our Divine Lord; for the poor, the sick, the afflicted in body; for all who are grievously tempted, for all who are suffering crosses, either spiritual or temporal; for those in their last agony, for poor, obdurate sinners, and for those who have none to pray for them; for the just, that they may receive the crowning grace of perseverance; finally, for all religious communities.

0 my dear Angel Guardian; and Angel Guardians of all those, both living and dead, for whom I ask a share in the Holy Masses and Holy Communion, deign in your loving sweetness and charity to offer them on our behalf.

Eternal Father, I most earnestly desire to gain all the indulgences attached to my prayers and actions of this day (here form your intention either for the Holy Souls or whatever your devotion may suggest), and I humbly offer them for these intentions.


---------------CHRIST THE KING