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Precious Blood Devotions


An Old Morning Prayer

From The Blossoms of the Cross --- 1894

The Sisters of St. Joseph


I Rise

In God’s strength

In God’s power,

In the Agony of Christ,

In the Cross of Christ,

In Christ’s Precious Blood,

These will sustain me against my enemies, visible and invisible:

I rise in the blessing of Christ which my dearest

Jesus left to the whole world.

Protect me, All-Holy Trinity,

God the Father, Who created me,

God, the Son, Who redeemed me in His Precious Blood,

God, the Holy Ghost, Who sanctified me in Holy Baptism.

God, the Father, I give myself to Thee!

God, the Son, I commend myself to Thee!

God, the Holy Ghost, teach me!

Mary, Mother of God, assist me!

All ye Saints of God, pray for me!

All ye Holy Angels, protect me!

The Cross of Christ preserve me!

In all the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass,

In all the Holy Communions,

In all priestly blessings,

In all good works performed today throughout Christendom,

I commend myself body and soul.

 I unite myself to the united prayer of the Catholic Church.

Holy Mary, forsake me not in all my necessities!

Lead me to Jesus after death!

O holy Joseph, thou man of God, from my heart I call on thee.

I love thee with all my heart; preserve me in all dangers and necessities.

O Lord God, heavenly Father,

In union with perfect works performed by

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, do I this day offer all

My thoughts, words and actions,

All my pains and labor,

All my steps,

Every breath I draw,

Every morsel I eat,

Every drop I drink,

All the suffering and pain of my sickness,

All annoyance offered me,

All the holy indulgences that I can gain,

All the devotions of Christendom to Thy greater honor and glory,

for the consolation and salvation of all my fellow creatures, both living and dead.

Come, Holy Ghost, instruct me; teach me that

Which I do not know, give me that which I have not.

Come, Holy Ghost, fill me with Thy sevenfold gifts.

Jesus in my heart!

Jesus in my mind!

With Jesus, Mary and Joseph

May I spend the entire day. Amen!

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