Jesus confided to the Polish mystic Saint Faustina Kowalska:

I desire that My Priests announce My great mercy for the souls of sinners. The sinner should not fear to approach Me. Even if a soul were like a cadaver in the state of putrefaction, if humanly there were no remedy, it is not so before God. The flames of mercy consume Me, and I desire to send them forth to the souls of all men. I am all love and mercy. A soul that has trust in Me is happy, because I Myself will take care of him. No sinner, be he an abyss of degradation, will ever exhaust My mercy, for the more it is drawn from, the more it grows. My daughter, do not cease to announce My mercy; doing this, you will bring refreshment to My Heart, which is consumed by the flames of compassion for sinners. How painfully I am wounded by the lack of trust in My goodness! 1 have all eternity to punish, but now I prolong the time of mercy for them. Even if his sins were as black as night, by turning himself toward My mercy the sinner glorifies Me and honors My Passion. At the hour of his death I shall defend him with that same glory. When a soul exalts My goodness, Satan trembles before it and flees into the depths of Hell. My Heart suffers, because even consecrated souls ignore My mercy, and treat Me with distrust. How greatly this wounds Me! If you do not believe My words, believe at least My wounds!

The Background, Merciful Sky, is coprighted by Catholic Tradition.