The Image of Jesus

This image of our Savior is at least 100 years old. We do not know who originally painted it. The Italian artist, Zabateri painted the replica, one copy of which which hangs in the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado. Another is in the Milk Grotto in Bethlehem.

A poster of the image was very popular just before the Second World War and following: it was distributed by altar societies throughout the country.

A woman who visited the Holy Land took several photos, but did not know of this image and did not snap it. It's the kind of picture one remembers. When she arrived back home in Pennsylvania she had the film developed. To her surprise this picture was among the images; thinking someone else's photo had been put into her envelope by mistake she went back to the shop; after checking thoroughly, matching the film negatives with the prints, she learned that the photo belonged to her roll of film. She concluded that this image was meant as a gift from God!

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Which is also found on the page,
THE TWO DIVINE PROMISES. We are partial to it because it
bears such a resemblance to the imprint of the
Holy Shroud image.