Jesus, Make Me Worthy:
a Prayer-Book for the Young Boy or Girl
by Rev. Robert Power, C.M.
Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1960


You must make your soul and heart ready for the good Jesus when He comes.

When the time for Communion draws near, say the following little prayers.

An Act of Faith

I BELIEVE, O my Jesus, that I am about to receive Thy Body and Blood from the hands of the Priest. It is Thy self that I receive. O help me, dear Jesus, to make myself a little ready for Thee.

An Act of Humility

O MY good Jesus, I am a poor sinner. On account of my sins I am not fit to receive Thee. O help me, dear Jesus, to make my poor heart clean and pure.

An Act of Sorrow

O MY Jesus, I hate and detest all my sins. Oh! let me never commit any great sin. Help me to avoid even little sins.

An Act of Love and Desire

O MY loving Jesus! I love Thee. I am about to receive Thee into my heart. I open my arms to Thee. O! that the great God should come to me, a little child, and dwell in my breast! O stay with me forever. I do not wish to live a single day without Thee.

When the time comes to go to the Communion rail, do so quietly and slowly, with hands joined and eyes cast down. Keep your thoughts upon Jesus Whom you are about to receive.


After receiving Our Lord, return to your place. Fold your hands. Close your eyes. Shut out all distractions. Think only of Jesus Who is now resting in your heart. Speak to Him in your own words. Adore Him because He is God. Thank Him for His goodness to you. Tell Him how sorry you are for all your faults. Tell Him how you love Him. Ask Him for all the favors you need. Beg Him to bless you and your parents, relatives and friends.

Then say the following prayers.

Short Acts after Communion

MY Jesus, I firmly believe I have received Thy Body and Blood.

I bow down my soul before Thee and adore Thee. With St. Peter, I say, "My Lord and My God."

I thank Thee, O Good Jesus, for Thy mercy to me. Thou hast died to save me from sin and now Thou hast given me Thyself.

Blessed be Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

O my sweet Mother Mary! help me to thank Him.

O my Guardian Angel and my Patron Saint! help me to be thankful to my God.

Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore,
O make us love Thee more and more!

O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine,
All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine.

My Jesus, I give Thee myself. I give Thee my body and soul. I give Thee all my thoughts, all my desires, and all my actions. I give Thee my senses, my eyes, my ears, my lips, my hands. Take me and make me all Thine. Bless me and keep me from all sin.

My dear Jesus, I love Thee. Teach me to love Thee more and more.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine.
Dear Jesus, grant me all the graces I need. Make me obedient, kind and good. Help me to practice the virtues which Thou didst practice in Thine Own home in Nazareth.

Good Jesus, have pity on all poor sinners and bring them back to Thee.

Bless our Holy Father, the Pope, and help him in all his trials.

Protect Thy Holy Church from danger and keep it from all harm.

O Jesus! bless my father, mother, brothers, sisters; my pastor, teachers, my companions, my enemies and friends; and all those for whom I ought to pray. Keep them all within the shelter of Thy Sacred Heart.
O Jesus! have pity on the poor Souls in Purgatory and give them eternal rest.

After receiving Holy Communion, there are two prayers which every good child should say, the Prayer of St. Ignatius [ANIMA CHRISTI], and the Indulgenced Prayer before a Crucifix.




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