Saint Anne

"Good St. Anne"

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December 4, 1957

Originally published by the Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Clyde, Missouri in 1958.
Revised edition published in 1963. Retypeset and re-published by TAN Books and Publishers, Inc. in 1998.
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Cures and Prodigies

In 1917, Miss Kirby of Newark, New Jersey, experienced a severe pain in her hip. The doctor ordered her not to use her foot for six weeks. At St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, three X-rays were taken and a brace made for the foot. Miss Kirby wore the brace, though it occasioned her intense pain and caused sores to form on her foot. She went to several other doctors and had eight more X-rays taken, but treatments were of no avail. Some doctors declared it to be tuberculosis, others a hip disease.

   Concerning her cure in 1920, we quote her own words: "I had heard a great deal of St. Anne's devotion, and the Sisters of St. Joseph where I attended school told me of the relic of St. Anne. This filled me with great faith and confidence in St. Anne. My mother was going to take me to another doctor, but I asked her to take me to the church, where I had the relic applied to my foot, and within one hour I had a complete cure. At once I bought a statue of St. Anne and had a Mass said in her honor. I promised to return to the same church for a few Sundays, to do all in my power to spread devotion to St. Anne and to spend one hour a week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in thanksgiving for the great favor which I feel St. Anne granted me. Thanks to God and dear St. Anne!"

The following account is taken from the Annals of Good Saint Anne de Beaupré of August, 1937:

St. Paul, Minn., May 12, 1937

"About four years ago my son, then twenty-two years old, was flying in an airplane with a friend when their plane crashed and landed in water. Coming down, the plane hit some electric power lines, but through a miracle of God, my son was saved from being burned to death. The accident, however, left him in such a state that no one thought he would reach the hospital alive. I happened to be some fifty miles from the town. When they notified me of the accident, the first thing I thought of was prayer, and I pleaded that my son would live until I reached the hospital. When I arrived, the nurse took me into the room, and I did not know my own son, for there was not a bone in his face that was not smashed, and his head was about three times its normal size. The doctors were doing all they could, but they saw very little hope of recovery.

   "I at once implored the help of good St. Anne, who had never failed me, and I begged her to ask the Lord to save my son, to preserve him from being blind or crippled. I promised to send her the only thing of value I had, a gold watch, that it might be used for the altar or some such purpose. I stayed beside my son all day and all night, as they thought the end would come at any time. Toward morning he spoke, telling me not to worry, as he felt he was going to be all right. In one week's time, my boy walked out of the hospital with me. When people saw him, they could not believe their eyes.

   "After taking treatments for a year [for the accident had left a hole in the roof of his mouth, which made it difficult for him to eat or drink], he was feeling much better. Now the doctors have put a silver plate in his mouth and he is back at work again. I wish to thank good St. Anne not only for this, but for the many other favors she has granted me."-----Mrs. J.L.

   "In order to cure an insidious lung infection, two serious operations had to be performed on me. I prayed to St. Anne and the Blessed Mother to carry me through this ordeal safely. Thanks to them, I am well on the road to recovery."-----H.K., N.Y.

   "It is with a grateful heart that I thank good St. Anne, who, through her powerful intercession with her Divine Grandson and her beloved Daughter, has obtained my brother's return to the Sacraments after years of neglect. After twenty years he was reconciled to God on his deathbed and died a truly repentant death. His mind was crystal clear at the time of his reconciliation; his thoughts were continually on Heaven, and he repeatedly asked pardon for his sins. This happy death was little short of a miracle, as he had been very bitter against the Church. St. Anne is truly the Saint of Miracles. For years I prayed to her with confidence that my brother might see the error of his ways, and she has rewarded my trust."-----Ireland, June, 1962

   "St. Anne has helped me through many heartaches and has been with me through the years. Many years ago, I made a novena to St. Anne for a special favor, promising to name my first child in her honor. My little girl is now three years old, and her name is Anne. St. Anne has also helped me to overcome a nervous breakdown. I only wish more people would pray to this wonderful Saint!"-----Mrs. E.U., New Jersey

   "For sixteen years my mother suffered from acute rheumatic arthritis, which steadily grew worse. For the past six months she was unable to kneel and had the greatest difficulty in walking even a short distance. We had to help her in and out of her chair. We made several novenas to St. Anne for this intention and applied St. Anne's oil to the affected parts while praying for God's will to be done. Last night, for the first time in six months, she was able to kneel down without any help. I thank St. Anne from the bottom of my heart for this and countless other favors, particularly that of sending me a wonderful friend, who has brought me closer to Jesus and to her."-----Miss K.D., 1961



   Each month the Annals of Good St. Anne, published at the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupré, Quebec, carries testimonials of marvelous favors obtained through the intercession of this good mother, which proves that her maternal solicitude extends to all times, to all needs.

   The almost unceasing stream of pilgrimages to the shrine speaks louder than words concerning the faith and confidence which the faithful cherish in St. Anne's intercession. Truly impressive and inspiring is the devotion of the pilgrims here and at other shrines of this Saint.