¤¤¤¤------- Brief Passages on the Saints and Their Angel's Assistance -------¤¤¤¤-------

Saint Catherine of Siena received the cord of purity from Angels, as did St. Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Theresa of the Sacred Heart was espoused to Christ by Angels.

An Angel touched the thigh of St. Henry, Emperor, as a sign of chastity and justice; and an angel brought him the Gospel to kiss.

An Angel helped St. Veronica Giuliani with her kitchen chores.

When St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds was young she often saw a most beautiful Angel who would speak to her of Heaven. An Angel spun at the loom as she contemplated so that her father would be pleased at the amount of work done.

Blessed John of Alvernia has his Guardian Angel's presence for three months before his death.

Bl. Dalmatius, the Dominican and St. Humility were constantly favored with the visible presence of an Angel.

St. Gregory the Great, St. Cuthbert and St. Robert all showed kindness to a "poor stranger" who turned out to be their Guardian Angels.


St. Gemma Galgani had her Guardian Angel as her constant companion, as did St. Veronica of Binasco.

The Angel of St. Rose of Lima delivered messages, brought medicine at any hour, and opened a locked gate.

St. Paul of the Cross had the assistance from Angels many times as he wrote his Rule.

St. Philip Neri was visibly saved by Angels from death in an accident.

St. Martin de Porres was known to have been visibly helped by Angels.

St. Hilary of Galenta was protected by his Angel when barbarians threatened to kill monks.

St. Venantius the Martyr was ordered scourged when he was fifteen; an Angel untied his binds and threw the soldiers. Then the Martyr was hung over a fire to suffocate; the judge's secretary saw an Angel trample the fire and free the boy. He converted to the Faith with his family and it was not until later, in 257 that he was finally Martyred.

St. Eutsathius was thrown in a river and he was saved by his Angel.

St. Catherine Labore was awakened by her Angel in the form of a child who led her to the chapel to converse with the Blessed Virgin Mary, then led he back to her room.

Cherubim pierced the heart of St. Teresa of Avila with a burning sword, which set her on fire with the love of God.

While he was tending sheep as a youth, an Angel brought the Blessed Sacrament to St. Pascal Baylon to adore.

As a small child, St. Gerard Majella was brought his First Holy Communion by Saint Michael the Archangel.

Bl. Osanna of Mantua was given a glimpse of Heaven by her Angel who showed her that this was to be her preoccupation and happiness even while on earth. From early childhood until her death she enjoyed the loving companionship with the Angels as did St. Peter Celestine.

To St. Margaret of Cortona an evil spirit one day appeared, seeking to terrify her. But at the same moment her Guardian Angel also appeared and said: "fear not, daughter, and do not lose courage. The demon is less powerful to harm you than one who is trodden underfoot by his conqueror. I am with you-----I, the Guardian Angel of your soul, which is an exalted abode of God."

On one occasion, while assisting at Holy Mass with special fervor, St. Gertrude the Great was rapt in ecstasy. In this state she saw her Guardian Angel bearing her prayers to the throne of the Divine Majesty, presenting them to the three Divine Persons and imploring them to here her petitions. The prayer of the Guardian Angel was accepted and Gertrude was blessed by each Person of the Godhead.