Novena to Your Guardian Angel for the Relief of the Holy Souls
To be said for nine consecutive days.

O HOLY ANGEL, whom God, by the effect of His goodness and His tender regard
for my welfare, has charged with the care of my conduct, and who assists me in all
my wants and comforts me in all my afflictions, who supports me when I am discouraged
and continually obtains for me new favors, I return thee profound thanks, and I
earnestly beseech thee, O most amiable protector, to continue thy charitable care
and defense of me against the malignant attacks of all my enemies. Keep me away
from all occasions of sin. Obtain for me the grace of listening attentively to thy
holy inspirations and of faithfully putting them into practice, In particular, I implore thee
to obtain for me the relief and deliverance of all the Souls in Purgatory, the ones who
prayed for the Souls themselves while still on earth; the forgotten and abandoned Souls;
the souls of my relatives and friends; the souls of priests and religious; the souls of all
those to whom I am obligated by charity to pray for and may have neglected by laxity
in memory; and most especially for the Soul I here name in this novena.

[Mention the person or think of him.]

Protect me in all the temptations and trials of this life. but most especially at the
hour of my death, and do not leave me until thou hast conducted me into the
presence of my creator in the mansions of everlasting happiness. Amen.

Aspirations to be Said Devoutly with the Intention of Relieving a Holy Soul

HAIL, glorious Angel, appointed by God to be my guardian!
Hail, holy Angel, my protector in all dangers!
Hail, holy Angel, my defense in all afflictions!
Hail, holy Angel, my most faithful friend!
Hail, holy Angel, my guide!
Hail, holy Angel, my preceptor!
Hail, holy Angel, witness of all my action!
Hail, holy Angel, my helper in every difficulty!
Hail, holy Angel, my counselor in doubt!
Hail, holy Angel, my shield at the hour of death!