Visible "Guardian Angels"

Finally, there is a very particular admonition for each one of us contained in the office of the holy Guardian Angels, namely, that we should make it our holy duty to be, in imitation of them, visible guardian angels of others, counseling, helping and doing good to them. How often do we not have an opportunity to ward off evil and further the good of another! A single word at the right time, a single encouragement, a single reproof is often sufficient to preserve a soul from sin.

This office of Angel Guardian God has conferred especially upon you, Christian parents. In you the heavenly Guardians ought to find their most powerful and faithful allies. May the fidelity of the Angels serve as your model in fulfilling your holy task of rearing your children. May you, with Angelic zeal, protect and watch over the immortal souls of those whom God has entrusted to your care and for whom you must one day render an account. Pray for your children to their holy Angels, and where your eye cannot accompany them, commend them especially to the care of their holy Guardians. Teach them at an early age to love and venerate their holy Guardian Angels. Implant in them a reverent remembrance of the presence of their Angel, that they may not do or say anything in his presence which they would not do or say in yours. Take care, above all, not to give them a bad example.

Be careful, too, to provide them with an education in which their Catholic Faith and morals will be fostered and protected. And when, in maturer years, they leave home to take up a profession or for other purposes, be sure that they are in good keeping.