The Nine Choirs of Angels Section 3

The Angels of the Seventh Choir

The Scripture says of the Lord, that He is seated on Thrones. Hence these Blessed Spirits are called Angels of Peace-----being calm, tranquil, immovable. Ask them for that peace of soul which is the fruit of a good conscience. Invoke their aid for such as are prone to hatred, passion and impatience; and after their example, be yourself meek, calm, and peaceful with all.

The seventh choir, the Thrones, is the Choir of authority. Every diocese, every kingdom, every religious community has its own angel taken from this Choir. These Angels occupy thrones like kings. They appear in golden garments covered with a brilliant mantle, and their crowns are resplendent beyond all conceptions. Their bearing is full of dignity and supernatural majesty. At their feet lies a scepter, their arms are folded across the breast and on the right hand they wear a ring. In spite of their great majesty their look when directed toward Heaven is of the deepest humility and fervor. Without ceasing they offer to God the prayers of their community or kingdom. All acts of mortification, prayers, good works of any of their subjects they present before the Blessed Trinity, cleansed and augmented by their own merits. Their sovereignty consists in their constant service, their authority is in their deep humility, and their crown is their burning love. God has ordained that they be mentioned in the preface, otherwise they would never be remembered. There is a tragic note in the service of the Angels. They do all that lies in their power for us poor sinful creatures, and among us there are so many that cold-heartedly and with a lack of proper faith completely forget the Angels or even style their existence a fairy tale. The Angels serve us constantly, they expect no thanks and seldom get any. However, a sincere devotion to the Angels will  be of great benefit to us in our striving for holiness.

Practice-----In the morning, dispose yourself to great sweetness and patience-----and every hour make an act thereof.

Aspiration----- "O Holy Thrones! obtain that Divine peace, which surpasses all understanding, may keep our hearts and minds in Jesus Christ, Our Lord."

The Angels of the Eighth Choir

These Blessed Spirits are so many sacred fires, communicating the Divine light to the other Choirs. They are continually employed in contemplating the beauty and perfections of their great Creator, and will share with us their admirable lights, if we ask them, and show ourselves in earnest, by the practice of recollection and prayer, the method of Divine communications.

The Cherubim are the swords of God. Their garments shine with a pure brilliant light, their countenances are grave, and in general they resemble St. Michael. They are girded with fire and they carry a fiery sword in the right hand. Their crown emits rays of light like the sun. They are full of zeal for the glory of God and stand ready at all times to defend His honor. Four of the Cherubim stand before the throne of the Holy Father. It was one of the Cherubim who drove Adam out of Paradise. One of these Angels is often placed at very holy sanctuaries to protect them with his flaming sword. The Cherubim should be invoked when one is troubled with doubts against faith. Scrupulous persons and such who experience many and severe temptations against holy purity will also derive much benefit from such a devotion, and the help they receive will be remarkable.

Practice-----Spend this day in great silence and recollection; be occupied with the consideration of the Divine perfections; endeavor to "know God, and Him Whom He has sent, Jesus Christ."

Aspiration----- "Ah! Blessed Cherubim! teach us to pray."

The Angels of the Ninth Choir

The Seraphim hold the first place among the celestial Hierarchy. Their chief characteristic is great and ardent love. Filled with the torrent of delights which run with a strong stream from the throne of the Divinity, these Angels are always in ecstasy. We should often form acts of Divine love, and beg of Jesus, the King of Love, through Mary, the Mother of Holy Love, never to let this sacred fire be extinguished in our souls.

The last is the most blessed choir of Seraphim. It is hard to explain their excellence. They were made for one thing alone-----to love the God of Love. Without ceasing they honor, praise, and love the most Blessed Trinity-----they can do nothing else-----this is their happiness. Their love is hourly inflamed to new and greater heights for the God of Love, Who chose that their service should be to praise and love Him eternally. Whose heart will not be moved to deeper love of God when he considers the exalted office of the Seraphim? Who would not envy these most blessed of all the Angels, who were destined from all eternity for this alone-----to love the Highest Love, the Fountain of Love? What burning holocausts of love these chosen Angels are, who constantly burn without being consumed, and who are permitted to bury themselves in ever greater depths of love! How wonderful and sublime, though, must she be, who is the Queen of Angels! When we consider the glory and excellence of the Angels, then we begin to see how insignificant the earth is, and how miserable our human nature. With such thoughts comes also a slight glimmer of light regarding the perfections of our Creator, of the infinite love of God the Father Who delivered up His own Son that He might die on the Cross for us sinners. Through our devotion to the Angels we shall approach closer to God Himself. Why then do we honor and love the Angels so little?

Practice-----Try to become a Seraph in love: let this be your habitual disposition. Love and do what God wills. Ask this great gift feverently.

Aspiration----- "Oh! Blessed Seraphim! make us love."